[spectre] The Furtherfield Newsletter.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Jan 18 14:00:43 CET 2010

The Furtherfield Newsletter.

We are in the process of compiling the latest Furtherfield Newsletter, 
the 25th edition.

We have many interested subscribers who already receive it. But, before 
the latest version is distributed - we are asking if there are others 
out there, who would like to receive the Newsletter. Also, it is a good 
time for those who have changed their email addresses to let us know, so 
we can update the mailing list.

Whether you're an artist, curator, academic, musician, student, activist 
or curious. We offer a wealth of cross cultural projects and platforms 
where people regularly produce their creative digitally orientated 
endeavours, physical and on-line. We are part of an ever changing, 
expanding and explorative self-built set of communities, contemporary 
and networked.

"Furtherfield.org believes that through creative and critical engagement 
with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to 
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies." 
Furtherfield.org provides platforms for creating, viewing, discussing 
and learning about experimental practices at the intersections of art, 
technology and social change.

The Newsletter features information about projects, publications, 
projects and we are doing with others, updates on what is happening on 
different nodes/platforms as well as on furtherfield. What is currently 
happening on furthernoise, visitorsstudio, netbehaviour, the 
furtherfield blog, the HTTP Gallery, events, workshops, collaborations. 
You will know what is going on right across the whole, networked 
neighbourhood. Sent via email (plain txt) about every couple of months, 
sometimes every three months.

If interested - reply to this email...

Wishing you all well.

The Furtherfield crew :-)


Other Info:

A living, breathing, thriving networked neighbourhood...

We are on Twitter

Other reviews/articles/interviews

Furtherfield - online media arts community, platforms for creating,
viewing, discussing and learning about experimental practices at the
intersections of art, technology and social change.

HTTP Gallery - physical media arts Gallery (London).

Netbehaviour - an open email list community engaged in the process of
sharing and actively evolving critical approaches, methods and ideas
focused around contemporary networked media arts practice.

Furtherfield Blog - shared space for personal reflections on media art

VisitorsStudio - real-time, multi-user, online arena for creative 'many
to many' dialogue, networked performance and collaborative polemic.

Furthernoise -  an online platform for the creation, promotion,
criticism and archiving of innovative cross genre music and sound art
for the information & interaction of the public and artists alike.

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