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Netmage 10
international live-media festival - 10th edition

21/22/23 January 2010
Palazzo Re Enzo - Bologna - Italy




The tenth edition of the Netmage festival (Bologna
, 21,22,23 January 2010) presents, in the historic
al castle of Palazzo Re Enzo, an unpredictable sce
nario of contemporary audiovisual research featuri
ng live media, live cinema, concerts, performances
, sound and visual installations.

Netmage 10: Rachida Ziani/Dewi de Vree (F/NL), Fra
ncesco Cavaliere/Marcel Türkowsky (I/D), Harappian
 Night Recordings (UK), The Hunter Gracchus (UK),
Lee Hangjun/Hong Chulki (KR), My Cat Is An Alien (
I), Ectoplasm Girls (S), The Magic State (S), Be M
aledetto Now (I), Richard Lainhart (USA), Cluster
(D), Canedicoda (I), Nassa (Nadav Assor/Surabhi Sa
raf) (USA), Andrê Gonçalves (P), Es (Fin), Margare
th Kammerer/Andrea Belfi/Stefano Pilia/Daniela Cat
tivelli/Michaela Grill (I/D/A), Carlos Casas (E),
Vincent Dupont (F), Nana April Jun (S), Aaron Dill
oway (USA).


Netmage 10
Palazzo Re Enzo - Piazza Nettuno Bologna - Italy

tel +39.051.331099 info at xing.it

www.netmage.it www.xing.it

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