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>From October 2009 to March 2010, will take place the 5th edition of
Magmart | video under volcano, international videoart festival.
The Festival is realized in partnership with CAM - Casoria
Contemporary Art Museum and PAN - Palazzo delle Arti Napoli.
Magmart festival's online media sponsor is the art news portal
Visualcontainer is our other partner.
The Festival activity will end with the screening of all videos
participant along three days, scheduled for March, at prestigious
house of PAN - Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
in the midtown of city, followed by the screening of 30 selected
videos at CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum
in a great night-event, with screening of a selection from other
famous videoart festival, scheduled for April 2010.

The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Partecipation
is free.
The Festival is dedicated exclusively to videoart, and suggest one
theme, that artists are invited to render:
Between all submitted videos, will be done a final selection based on
vote of a Jury composed by experts. The 30 selected artworks will
become part of CAM permanent collection.
All sended materials don't will be return, and will be stored in the
Festival's archive like documentation.
Sending the participation form, the artist accept fully the present
The Jury verdict is incontestable.
The artist accept that his/her own videos will be broadcasted online
and offline, on site www.magmart.it; he/she accept that, if selected,
the video become part of permanent collection of CAM, and should be
freely screened within PAN and CAM rooms.
All the videos, selected or not, can be screened in any other place
or event related to Festival, online or offline, with exclusion of any
commercial use.
Still-frame from videos can be freely used for the Festival
communication, mentioning title and author of artwork.
All rights on videos remain property of author. The author assert,
under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used
materials (images, sounds, videos) and that compose the artwork; the
author undertake completely the liability for any breach of copyright
To participate is necessary fill out the form available online, on
official website of Festival. The omission, or the incorrect filling,
of one or more parts of form itself, will involve the exclusion of
video by selection of Jury.
Will be accepted only the videos received within midnight of January,
31 2010.
The possible selection by Jury is in any case subordinate at an
essential condition for the proclaim of winners: the author of
selected video must send, via ordinary mail, and within midnight of
February, 15 2010, the donation act to CAM of the copy of his/her own
video, downloadable from official website of Festival. This donation
act don't underlie in any way a transfer of right, but certify
exclusively the willingness of author so that a copy of his/her own
video artwork will be  permanently keeped - and, with limitations
above, utilized - in the permanent collection of CAM.
Without this donation act, the videos will be rule out by group of 30
selected artworks, and replaced by those immediately subsequent in
Jury's ranking.
Any author can participate with max 5 videos.


The videos must be fully realized with digital tech.
The videos must be sent in format .mpeg or .mov (PAL); any other
format will be rejected.
The max lenght of videos don't must surpass 10 minutes.
The videos must be accompanied by participation form fully and
correctly compiled.
The videos must be accompanied by a still-frame from video itself, in
format .jpg, and with dimension not less than 400 px X 300 px.
The videos must have a quality (dimension, resolution) good for a
public screening, without any further shipping of an high-res copy.
Suggested size is 720px X 576px; minimum size required is 640px X
If the video is a shooting of a performance, this must be fully
visible within video lenght.


Is possible to send required materials for participation (video,
form, image) just in one way, online
- Filling out the form, before midnight of January, 31 2010;
- In the form, must be indicate an URL http or ftp for downloading
the video (i.e.: http://www.mydomain.com/myvideo.mov) and the
still-frame from video (i.e.: Http://www.mydomain.com/myimage.jpg);
- Is possible to utilize a service for big files transfer. The video
and the image must be effectively available at indicated URL within
the deadline.
Don't send us link to video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or similar
websites! They don't match our rules! We need your original artwork.

For informations:
info at magmart.it

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