[spectre] Zero Dollar Laptop workshops Update.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jan 27 14:43:22 CET 2010

Sorry for any cross posting...

Zero Dollar Laptop workshops Update.

Working with Homeless, Reusing donated Laptops and upgrading them with 
Linux Software.

The first day of working with St Mungo's Homeless, clients & residents 
was a success. After our call asking people to send their old laptops to 
us so that we can work with homeless people for the Zero Dollar Laptop 
project, we received many computers (laptops), and they are still 
arriving. We even received one from Greece.

The class was over subscribed. 12 individuals was the limit "Twenty 
people got together in a busy room (18 participants and 2 tutors Jake 
Harris and Olga Panades Massanet) and went through the first big step."

Week 1. Breaking Windows. Installing Linux.

Preparing for ZDLT workshops

Wishing you all well.

more info:

The Zero Dollar Laptop Project aims to change the way we all think about 

The Zero Dollar Laptop is a recycled computer, running Free Open Source 
Software (FOSS) that is fast and effective- now and long into the future.

Artistic Team: Jake Harries and James Wallbank 
(http://www.access-space.org/) Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett and Olga 
Panades (http://www.access-space.org/)

The Zero Dollar Laptop project is a programme of public debates, 
exhibitions and workshops about art, technology and environment inspired 
by the Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto 
Developed in partnership with Access Space and St Mungo’s charity for 
the homeless (http://www.mungos.org/)as part of Furtherfield.org’s Media 
Art Ecologies programme 

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