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Mon Aug 8 15:24:39 CEST 2011

dear julian, dear all,

Am 08.08.2011 um 14:36 schrieb Julian Oliver:

> The vulnerability here in Europe is the lack of reserve (or companion)
> strategies and experience for sustaining development in a climate of shifty
> political actors and economic austerity. 

i am not sure if there is really a lack of strategies.
couldn't it be possible that these strategies are already there and in practice, but not visible?
or better to say, perhaps these strategies are just hidden by the existing 
art-infrastructure which is obviously very well developed in euroland?

my current hometown düsseldorf for example has more than 30 self-organized 
off-spaces, which are run with no or very small support by the city.
(for those who understand german: http://www.vierwaende-off.de/ and http://www.vierwaendekunst.de/ )
hamburg and berlin have very energetic off-scenes too and switzerland got the http://www.offoff.ch/
of course there are always interferences and links between the 'on'- and 
the 'off'-scene, so it doesnt really make sense to deepen any trenches.
and this is not my intention.

but to be honest i know some quite good boys and girls who do really awesome 
work without any or at least with very very small support from institutions.
and not all of them are 'loosers'. ;-)
most of them are experimenting with this form of autonomous selforganization 
because they want it. to be honest, especially when you dont care to much 
on a vitae or a portfolio, these whole institutional world is even 
as difficult as the artmarket.
please dont misundertand me, i really do not want to glorify the lack of 
institutional support. to have it, makes everything much easier.
but i am not sure if i really would agree with your theses there would 
be a lack of strategies.

best regards

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