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grey) (area . space of contemporary and media art, Korcula, Croatia


Tanja Deman: Abode of Vacancy

18th - 28th August  2011. daily 21 - 22 h
opening: Thursday 18th  August . 21 - 23 h

Abode of Vacancy is a video work composed of a series of collaged  
tableau with subtle movements. They are concerned with the dream-like  
environments of nature and the modernist city devoid of human  
activity. Throughout the whole piece traces of nature and the city are  
juxtaposed, creating a tension, a drama and a dialog produced in their  
difference. The work focuses on how we perceive our recently built  
legacy. Scenes of the video were shot on around twenty locations on  
the coastline of Netherlands, city of Rotterdam, coastline of south  
Croatia and city of Split and Zagreb. The manner in which these moving  
images are constructed references cinematography and its relation to  
the still image, while exploring visual perception by means of  
combining flatness and deep focus, time, stillness and movement. Abode  
of Vacancy aims to produce a series of affective images that evoke  
environments outside the conventional flow of time and definition of  

The exhibition has been curated by Darko Fritz

Tanja Deman is a visual artist born in Split. She graduated sculpture  
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in Croatia and did here MA  
studies in Lens-based media at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.  
She has been exhibiting since 2000 in Croatia and abroad. She won  
couple of awards for her work. Her work “No 222” is part of a  
collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia.  
Recently she mainly works in the medium of photo-collages in light  
boxes, photography and video. Her main interest lies in the psychology  
of space, which she explores through the surfaces of modernist  
architecture, deserted landscapes and an evocation of cinematic  
images. Her approach to space is similar to forensic architecture,  
which is focused on decoding histories embedded in built environments.  
More info:http://www.tanja-deman.com


grey) (area . space of contemporary and media art
contact: Darko Fritz, darko at darkofritz.net, + 385 91 5800193
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