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Will Schrimshaw will at willschrimshaw.net
Thu Aug 18 13:36:49 CEST 2011

Invisible Architectures is a micro-festival exploring the invisible yet influential substrates of urban existence.

Artists, architects and writers lead guided tours & workshops that expose layers of the city that may otherwise remain imperceptible, making up what we habitually refer to and perceive as background noise, ambiences or atmospheres.

Within the apparent banality of the everyday lies beauty and horror, a field of often imperceptible dynamics that influence and inform the spaces we occupy and our experiences of them. Guided tours of the subtle, subliminal and subterranean expose invisible layers of the city, drawing into the foreground the sounds, smells, textures and electromagnetic intensity of urban environments that often pass by unnoticed. Through pedestrian exploration of the uncanny underside of Newcastle upon Tyne, these layers of the city are brought to the surface.

A series of exploratory events are lead by Justin Bennett, Fabric | ch, Martin Howse, Lalya Gaye, Alessandro Altavilla, Berit Greinke, Will Schrimshaw, Katie Lloyd Thomas, xsite architecture and Nicholas Kirk (Amenity Space).

All events are FREE, although booking is required: http://subliminalcity.co.uk/participate.

For further information please visit http://subliminalcity.co.uk/ or follow @inv_arch on twitter.
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