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DA FACT <http://www.dafact.com/>  newsletter | december 2011


- Futurs Composés will be at Opéra Comique

Olivier SENS, Francis FABER from La Grande Fabrique and Tom MAYS will
perform at Opéra Comique, on December 3, for the day "Création Musicale :
tout un programme !" hosted by Futurs Composés.


- La Grande Fabrique and Karlax at the CANOPÉEA national conference

Francis FABER and Thomas COLLIN from La Grande Fabrique will be at the
National Conference on arts practices and arts education, on December 9 at
Brive and at the Domaine de Sédières.


- Karlax in Japan for the first time

Philippe GEISS will be in Japan with his Sax and his Karlax, from December


- Tales in Music with Karlax, in the Donjon of the Château de Vincennes

>From December 26-30, Delphine ZUCKER actress, Jean Lochard on Karlax and
Jean GAILLARD on flute will perform Solotareff´s tales at the Donjon of the
Château de Vincennes.


- Back to images on our last events

Check out the pictures of the Intel party and the Karlax presentation at
Ircam by Jean LOCHARD and Tom MAYS.


- PSA Peugeot Citroën and Jean LOCHARD are part of the Karlax community

Keep an eye on the Karlax blog in order to know the Karlax community.


- DA FACT showroom <http://www.dafact.com/lang-en/showroom.php> 

If you wish to discover and try Karlax, don´t hesitate to contact us to make
an appointment.


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