[spectre] Sign up to Pixelache Helsinki 2011 pre-festival workshops!

Juha Huuskonen juhuu at juhuu.nu
Wed Feb 16 16:06:27 CET 2011

Pixelache Helsinki 2011
10-13 March 2011


We are happy to announce 3 additional pre-festival workshops:

:: Temporary photoElectric Digestopians worklab

A co-creation worklab with research based experimentations on the  
transformation of light energy into electric energy with food. Fusing  
cooking and solar tech and designs, the participants will work with  
edible materials to create ‘e-tapas’ of different aesthetics and  
tastes. A principal role is for the Aronia Melanocarpa (Choke/Apple  
berry), one of the most powerful, anti-oxidant rich berries both in  
terms of kJoules and microWatts, entangled in a rich global historical  
narrative. To be tested, tasted and appreciated on heliotropic  
tickling tongues.

The worklab will be lead by Bartaku / FoAM.

:: Timelab: the Mini-CNC kit
Over the past 9 months we have been developing a lasercut kit for a  
small, sturdy, desktop-sized,
computer-controlled milling machine. So far we have used it to mill  
wood, plexi, PCB’s and one table surface. We bring parts for 8  
machines with us to Pixelache and would love to build them together  
with you.

The workshop is hosted by Lieven Standaert & Kurt Van Houtte / Timelab.

:: Deptford TV: C/Overt operations with CCTV sniffing and  
collaborative open source video editing
This workshop will attempt to identify and document secret (covert)  
places, strategies and messages in our everyday surroundings. We will  
use overt, co-operative tactics and practice openness and transparency  
to push the covert into clearer view.

Our main tool for this workshop will be easily to obtained, simple to  
use and perfectly legal video receivers that can intercept the data  
collected by small CCTV video cameras often placed covertly in shops,  
offices and other public/private spaces. But we will also use ordinary  
media-gathering devices, our own eyes and ears and our social skills  
to identify and record evidence of covert operations in our midst,  
whether this is capturing gossip and rumour about the Suomenlinna’s  
Island fortress or observing city planners’ attempts to ‘design  
out’ specific social behaviours.

The workshop is hosted by Adnan Hadzi, Lisa Haskel and Larisa Blazic.

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There are also a few places still free in the Mapping in Progress  

More information at www.pixelache.ac

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