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*Public presentations&Workshop in the framework of CHISINAU-Art, Research in
the Public Sphere*

Period: *28-30 JANUARY**
*Location: *State Universitaty, Chisinau*

Address: *A. Mateevici 60, Main Building, 5th Floor, Room N 511*

Project organizer: *[KSA:K] - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau*

Program 28-30 JANUARY:





*14.00 - Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen, [STEALTH.unlimited] Rotterdam (NL)*

As part of the project CHISINAU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere,
STEALTH.unlimited will present their ongoing project Cities Log, a research
and visual narrative depicting a chronology of spatially significant events,
decisions and discussions that shaped the post-Yugoslav and Albanian cities
in recent years. The most recent edition of the project is A(u)ction – Novi
Sad's Log of Spaces Between Personal Interests and Public Needs, run in the
format of an exhibition and a tabloid newspaper, in cooperation with
Kuda.org and a team from Novi Sad, Serbia.

*[STEALTH.unlimited]* Following their collaboration since 1996, in 2000 Ana
Dzokic and Marc Neelen initiated STEALTH, a practice based between Rotterdam
and Belgrade – in which shifting perspectives between urban research, visual
arts, spatial intervention and cultural activism is a key element. In 2008
STEALTH co-curated the Dutch Pavilion at the Architecture Biennial in
Venice, with the project Archiphoenix: Faculties of Architecture. In 2009
they curated Episode 2 of the Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual
(T.I.C.A.B) - the first biennial's contribution expanding beyond the field
of visual arts to include domains such as city and urban transformation.


*15.30 - Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Amsterdam (NL)*

"In my work I am analyzing the relationship between global dominant
structures and local grassroots aspects. Observing the transformation
process in former soviet cities I discovered a new irony of fate. For
CHISINAU - Art, Research in Public Sphere I am working on a monument that
aims to symbolize the transformation process taking place nowadays in a
Soviet-type micro district. The interest of the people seems to have shifted
from collectivity to private properties. I am planning my intervention on a
children playground that became neglected."

*Tilmann Meyer-Faje,* born in 1971 in Germany, lives and works in Amsterdam.
There he studied audiovisual art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and fine
arts at Sandberg Institute. Tilmann Meyer-Faje examines the extent to which
ambitious objectives deliver on their promises as he lets these dreams take
shape in his performances. His work reveals an irony arising from the
discrepancy between marketing language and actual experience. He is
consciously blurring fiction and reality. Some of his projects can be
visited at: www.buurtkroket.nl


*17.00 - Raluca Voinea, Bucharest (RO)


>From the clock counting down the days left until Romania was joining the EU,
back in 2006, till the grotesque appearance of a chariot with clowns in
front of the National Theatre, at the end of 2010, Bucharest’s public
squares matched with their decorations, sculptures and monuments a process
of degradation and trivialization of public space discourse. Fast
privatization, indifference towards monuments of architecture, lack of
solutions for parking places, bad taste and megalomania of mayors, all these
were accompanied by TV debates in which the loudest the smartest, by a
printed media polarized between partisanship and pornography and in the last
year by the intimidation or mocking of any public expression of citizens’
discontents or claims of their rights.

What does it mean to work with public art in such a context? What kind of
art can one offer to people who need jobs, justice, roads, transparency of
public services and in general a better life? These are questions with which
E-cart.ro started in 2009 a long-term programme, called the Department for
Art in Public Space, and which it tried to keep in mind in the projects
which it organized or engaged in ever since.

*Raluca Voinea.* Art critic and curator, based in Bucharest. She studied Art
History and Theory in Bucharest (1997-2001) and Curating Contemporary Art in
London (2004-2006). In 2006 she co-founded E-cart.ro, a not-for-profit,
independent institution based in Romania and dedicated to researching,
producing and disseminating modern and contemporary art and architecture.
Since 2008 Raluca Voinea is co-editor of IDEA. Art + Society magazine,
published in Cluj, Romania.



*Conflicting urban changes


*Workshop by Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen, [STEALTH.unlimited] Rotterdam (NL)*


* *Starting time: 14.00

Duration: 2,5-3 hours

The workshop will be followed by a city tour on the 30th of January, to
which the workshop participants are invitet.
During the last two decades, since the early 1990s, former socialist
societies across Eastern Europe have each charted their own individual
course through the changes in their societies and towards perspectives such
as accessing the European Union. While they develop along very different
lines (and some have already joined the EU) it is striking to see how much
of their recent transition they share in terms of issues concerning urban

Cities such as Warsaw, Belgrade or Chisinau developed after WW2 outside of
the logic of a real estate market. With the demise of the socialist model
(with its inherent modernist orientation), sooner or later these cities have
become an arena for privatization, deregulated growth, fast capital
investments, manipulative lawmaking, and identity building through
architecture – leaving citizens, architects and planners at the periphery of
decision-making and turning politicians into architects. Following the
incentive of the CHISINAU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere project and
based on the knowledge developed through the Cities Log research presented
the previous day, in this workshop the participants will share personal
views and relevant information about relevant urban events that have taken
place in the past year in the Chisinau context. Based on this, we will draft
on the spot a log (chronology) of events that have been significant in
influencing the future development of the city.

These events can range from the start or finalisation of certain urban
developments, certain decisions or investments made, up to specific topics
that have come to public discussion or have – in the participants' opinion –
failed to garner any public or professional attention. Of particular
interest would also be to understand if there are signs of any grassroots
initiatives or (unconventional) views about the way Chisinau’s environment
could be shaped today.


*Guided City Tour*

Starting time: 12.00

Starting point: KSAK Center, str. Banulescu Bodoni 5, Ap-2

Due to the limited number of seats in the minibus, participation in the
guided city tour will be limited to the workshop participants.

*CHISINAU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere *is a cross-disciplinary
platform that investigates the connections between political and cultural
symbols and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment, the
interference between personal narratives and imported ideologies and
cultural discourses in relation to the public sphere. The project aim is to
explore the dominant institutional and political discourses that have shaped
the society and the urban landscape of the city of Chisinau in the course of
its recent history.

*Project partners:* E-cart.ro Association, Campina, Romania (www.e-cart.ro),
MEEM- Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project, Tallinn, Estonia (


*Project partners in Moldova:* Alliance Française de Moldavie, the Goethe
Institute/Bucharest, the German Cultural Center ACCENTE/Chisinau, the Polish
Cultural Institute/Bucharest, the Austrian Cultural Forum/Bucharest, the
UNESCO Chair of South-East European Studies within the Faculty of History of
the Moldova State University, National Museum of History and Archaeology,
Directorate for Culture of the Municipality of Chisinau, Electric Transport
Administration of Chisinau Municipality, Oberliht Association, Chisinau.  *

*Media partners:* Public Media Group SRL, Revista la Plic, Radio Europa
Libera, Publica TV.

* *

*CHIŞINĂU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere* is supported
financially by *Allianz
Kulturstiftung/Germany, ERSTE Foundation/Austria, Mondriaan
Foundation/Amsterdam, Alliance Française de Moldavie, Goethe
Institute/Bucharest trough German Cultural Center ACCENTE/Chisinau, Polish
Cultural Institute/Bucharest and Austrian Cultural Forum/Bucharest, Austrian
Federal Ministry for Edication, Arts and Culture.*

* *

*Center for Contemporary Art - [KSA:K]* (www.art.md)

[KSA:K] Center is a non-profit, independent institution established in 2000.
The new strategy of the Center is the development of cultural forms and art
practices that reflect the dynamic of the social, political and economic
transformations of the society. The Center supports advocacy activities in
promoting cultural policies suitable for defining and strengthening the
position of artists and contemporary art practices in society.

Stefan Rusu- Project Manager/Curator

Center for Contemporary Art-[KSA:K],
Str. Banulescu-Bodoni 5, ap-2, Post code 2012,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

tel: + 373 22  23 72 72
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