[spectre] if somewhat its a real structure!

Yann Le Guennec y at x-arn.org
Wed Jan 26 20:15:15 CET 2011

 > > Rectangle central - Cap de la Chèvre - janvier 2011
 > >
 > > Add a picture : http://www.yannleguennec.com/w/rc/01/image.php
 > >
 > > Dynamic archive : http://www.yannleguennec.com/w/rc/01/archive.php
 > >

# Heidi Ting if somewhat its a real structure!

# Yann Le Guennec Yes Heidi! thanks for your comment. We can look at 
this picture for what it is : the result and archive of a networked 
process (something in the past), but also for what it could be : a 
project for a concrete and variable structure (something in the future) 
...that's what i try to say in this statement :

# Heidi Ting yes and that makes it sails across different dimensions. 
from real place- to a digital documentation- networked edition- back to 
the real place with variable structure. Wonderful works!

# Yann Le Guennec thanks

Yann Le Guennec

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