[spectre] The 11:11:11 UpStage Festival needs your support!

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Thu Jun 2 14:03:26 CEST 2011

The 11:11:11 UpStage Festival needs your support!

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UpStage is a web-based platform for live, collaborative performance, 
presenting an annual international festival of cyerformance by artists 
from around the world. The platform is free and open source, and it's 
free for you to attend the festival - online, wherever you are. UpStage 
is currently unfunded, with everything done by dedicated volunteers.

We are now working towards the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival, and we warmly 
invite you to contribute to our donations campaign. This is to enable us 
to provide appropriate technical, artistic and organisational support to 
the wonderful artists whose work has been selected for the festival (for 
more information about the festival and the artists, visit 

If everyone who reads this email contributes just 11 [insert your local 
currency here] we will easily reach our target of NZ$10,000 (that's 
about EUR5000). Whatever amount you are able to donate will make a 
difference - whether it's 11, or 111, or more, all donations are 
gratefully received.

/** If you're a New Zealand tax payer, you can claim a tax rebate on 
your donation - just ask us for a tax receipt./

To make a donation with a credit card or via PayPal, click here: 

For more information about UpStage and the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival, 
visit http://upstage.org.nz

Thanking you in anticipation, on behalf of the UpStage community,

Helen Varley Jamieson & Vicki Smith


helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst
helen at creative-catalyst.com

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