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Therese Schuleit tschuleit at gmx.net
Mon Jun 6 10:24:06 CEST 2011

After a wonderful opening concert night yesterday we invite today:

Mo. 6th. June, 14:00, Hohenzollernring 22-24, Cologne


HONF www.natural-fiber.com

Intelligent Bacteria : Art in Culture (a workshop series)

How to make cheap and fun slant culture, and wine Science does not have to be costly, dangerous and inaccessible. Nor does one need a lab to get active; the workshop series ART IN CULTURE demonstrates alternatives. ART IN CULTURE is a workshop series under the umbrella of Intelligent Bacteria, a collaborative research programme between HONF and a scientist community from the University of Gajah Mada (UGM), Yogyarkarta, and consequently follows its guiding principle: to bridge the practice, theories and innovative ideas from the fields of art and science and apply this based on generic infrastructure and affordable technologies. In the workshop ART IN CULTURE members of HONF will teach the job of a scientist through an artistic approach, by making a slant culture coloured with dyes. The participants are free to choose their colour for the slant culture. The workshop is aimed at novices and specialists alike with interest in any field. Afterwards, everyone is invited to take his or her slant culture home in order to pass on the experience, technique and culture to another person. .. Participants need to bring some stuff : - 1 Test Tube with screw cap made from glass - 1 Empty bottle (ex - mineral water 1,5 Liter Size) - 1 drink glass .. Microbiology & electronic Workshop by HONF

Bioart meets Ecoart: an open Dialogue under orange umbrellas

Cologne based artist-curator Georg Dietzler will be in dialogue with the artist collective HONF. HONF is a group of BIOART artist, Georg Dietzler is working in one of its forerunner fields ECOART. He is introducing concepts of cross-disciplinary ecological arts and talking about his ongoing architectural sculpture projects "Self-decomposing Laboratories for cleaning-up PCB contaminated soil by Oyster mushrooms", developed since 1994. Georg Dietzlers website
Open JAM

with special guests "Patchbay" 


and of course the exhibition from 17-21 o´clock

See you there!

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