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Aksioma -- Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, presents:

Domestic Standing Ovation*/

*Aksioma | Project Space*
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia
_www.aksioma.org_ <http://www.aksioma.org/>

June 15 -- July 1, 2011

*Exhibition opening and artist talk: June 15, 2011 at 8pm*

IOCOSE will also present their work in form of a multimedia lecture at the
MMC Pina, Kidric(eva ulica 43, Koper, Slovenia on THU, June 16, 2011 at 8 pm

*An IKEA guillotine, a religious hi-tech machine set to give electric 
shocks, instructions for a drug recipe based on floppy discs, and 
finally a BBC special edition on the death of pop star Madonna. This is 
only part of IOCOSE's arsenal: a collection of projects, works and 
actions designed to shock and disturb. *

Formed in 2006, IOCOSE is an art collective based throughout Europe. Its 
four members will present in this new solo exhibition some of the 
possible applications of their art works in a domestic environment. 
"Domestic Standing Ovation" displays an ideal living room where the 
aforementioned works all contribute to create a warm and welcoming 
atmosphere. More than an exhibition, this will be an invitation to 
re-furbish your house according to the suggestions of the artist quartet.

"/*In the Long Run"*/(2010) is a video of the media coverage of a 
not-yet-happened high-profile media event. As a reconstruction of a 
future event, it investigates to which extent media narratives are 
scripted and structured on a shared frame. An obituary prepared in 
advance, a false story, but also very likely, and definitely a catalyst 
for endless narratives and interpretative developments. *Winner project 
**of the International Arte Laguna Prize 2010 / Video Art Section, 
Venice, Italy.*

"/*Sokkomb"*/(2009) is an IKEA guillotine. This deadly piece of 
furniture is the ideal product for home-made justice. Produced in 
collaboration with "Falegnameria Sociale", the hand-crafted guillotine 
provides a cheap and reliable solution for your daily struggles against 
immigrants, thieves, and whoever might annoy you.

"/*Empathy Box"*/(2008) is a domestic machine designed by the imaginary 
Bureau of United Religions. It supposedly frees the empathic feelings of 
the practitioner by sending an electric shock. Practitioners are 
supposed to gather and touch the Empathy Box while holding their hands 
and forming a chain. The share of pain will instantaneously free their 

"/*Floppy Trip" */(2009), finally, is a drug where floppy discs are the 
main ingredient. This hallucinogenic drink invites to recycle unused 
technologies for new, unpredicted effects. Easy to prepare, cheap and 
perfectly legal, Floppy Trip is the new frontier in recycling and the 
ideal drug for the masses.

*IOCOSE*has exhibited and presented at the Venice Biennale, Jeu de Paume 
in Paris, Tate Modern and HTTP Gallery in London, Re:akt! in Slovenia 
and the Influencers festival in Barcelona. The group organizes actions 
in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of 
identification and production of meanings. It uses pranks and hoaxes as 
tactical means, as joyful and sound tools. IOCOSE thinks about the 
streets, internet and word of mouth as a battlefield. Tactics such as 
mimesis and trickery are used to lead and delude the audience into a 
semantic pitfall. _http://www.IOCOSE.org_ <http://www.iocose.org/>

The project /*Sokkomb*/has been produced by The Influencers Festival, 
Barcelona, 2010.

The project /*In The Long Run*/has been produced by Aksioma as part of 
the platform RE:akt! <http://www.reakt.org/>

Aksioma Brochure #6, **Domenico Quaranta, IOCOSE: In the Long 
*Antonio Caronia, Floating signifiers (eng):* 

Production of the exhibition: Aksioma -- Institute for Contemporary Art, 
Ljubljana, 2011
Artistic Director: Janez Jans(a
Executive Producer: Marcela Okretic(
Public relations: Mojca Zupanic(
Technical support: Valter Udovic(ic'
Assistant: Anz(e Grm

*Thanks: *Bani Brusadin / Festival The Influencers

/*Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and 
the Municipality of Ljubljana*/
Sponsor: Datacenter d.o.o.

Marcela Okretic(
*Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana*
Neubergerjeva 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel.: + 386 -- (0)590 - 54360
gsm: + 386 -- (0)41 - 250 830
e-mail: _aksioma4 at siol.net <mailto:aksioma4 at siol.net>__
__www.aksioma.org <http://www.aksioma.org/>_


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