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Matze Schmidt matze.schmidt at n0name.de
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it is what the crisis (caused by overproduction) gave voters in The
Netherlands in 2010, e.g. see here:




and as you might know, Germany leads this process -- but keep it's Media
Art Stuff Things Institutions etc. but cuts indoor swimming pools in
summer just because of lack of money.

At the same it is what's said below (in SPECTRE Digest, Vol 100, Issue
22), a tricky relationship of funding, subsidization and good luck --
the lower middle class problems with its businesses.

But back to overproduction: The cuts caused now by a further stage of
the crisis (lower wages, higher state debts due to bail outs by states
banks) will enter the level of a 'normal' process of centralization in
all social fields as is the case in times of depression, and it seems to
be only the beginning. So the _overproduction of what we call media art_
will come to an end now, the biggest artists will succeed and probably
the scene's cycle will restart in about 10 years, as it was the case in
the 1980/90s. Of course some of the protagonists have to find other jobs
at this point (compare for instance Telekommunisten), that's like normal
as well.

I shouldn't have written about this at all, since there will be a
symposion in Lueneburg (Germany) about "Social Media - New Masses" and
the job for me should be to convince the jury members esp. from
Amsterdam to ask for my application about "Failed Masses: Debugging the
interface of Lenin's new most important of all the arts".

> From: Heiko Recktenwald <heikorecktenwald at googlemail.com>
> Subject: Re: [spectre] New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose
>         funding

> When the day is over you want to keep a present and why should new media
> institution have any better case than
> theaters, museums, universities, orchestras and the like?

> From: Andreas Broeckmann <ab at dortmunder-u.de>

> New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose funding.

> From: Lívia Rózsás <livi.rozsas at gmail.com>

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> *Good luck! *

Matze Schmidt

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