[spectre] New Media Art Organisations in Netherlands lose funding

Heiko Recktenwald heikorecktenwald at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:02:52 CEST 2011

Am 15.06.2011 12:23, schrieb Josephine Bosma:
> hi Stephen and others,
> It is not a naive idea at all imo. The only problem with it is that, 
> see Heiko's reaction, it needs a thorough argumentation and a readily 
> acceptance of experts in the field. What is at stake, I think, is the 
> place of art in the world in general. We all remember quite clearly 
> the outrage about the destruction of invaluable statues in 
> Afghanistan. There are however no laws to protect cultural heritage of 
> international value. It could be time to develop them.

Dear Josephine, notice that this is a political question and not a legal 
one, my point, and notice, thats a reality, that you are without doubt 
not any cultural heritage. Neither any similar work. You would do 
net.art etc a big favour to realise that there are bigger problems in 
the world.

Lets concentrate on the application of the UNESCO treaties that we 
allready have.  UK, the USA etc..

Be carefull with ideas like "internet access is a human right" and so 
on, you can make your effords very easily very ridiculous.

Good luck,


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