[spectre] Transcript of VARIATIONS #3, by Jon Leidecker, episode #3 of the podcast series on appropriative collage

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*Transcript of VARIATIONS #3, by Jon Leidecker* ☞

*VARIATIONS #3. The Approach
*As the sixties came to a close, the progressive optimism of World music
collages were met and tempered by a new strain of self-examination and
critique. Composers shifted away from using obscure, generic, or safely
public domain sources for their pieces, and began to work with instantly
recognizable samples from commercial pop music on a much wider scale. As the
focus turned from global to cultural, Utopian visions gave way to a
pragmatic sense of musical research and development. This episode documents
the collages of the seventies that began demolishing the distinctions
between art and popular music, from concrète to dub to disco to the
attention-deficit-disordering world of FM radio.

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