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That's one of the reasons I am moving back to South America. Once, in the
Seventies, when we were young and a bit naive, we believed in the Messianic
Revolutions. We fought against rogue generals and corrupt politicians and we
paid a heavy prize, prison, torture, death.
Many of us come to Europe, the continent of our ancestors (I have Spanish
and Italian grandfathers and grandmothers) and got asylum and a time to
recover. Our ancestors fled from an empoverished Europe who prosecuted the
poor and the rebelious.
Now in South America every people in the region choose a leftist or social
democrat alternative, not because they dream about utopia but because they
are tired of neoliberal experiments.
Europe is going again the way of authoritarism and control who chased away
my ancestors from here.
I am going back to Uruguay to find a space and a place to resist and create.
I hope many of you in the list can be part of future projects linking the
North and the South. Maybe we can make the global diaspora to a borderless
creative world :)


On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 1:01 PM, Simon Biggs <simon at littlepig.org.uk> wrote:

> It is something big; sweeping global social change arising from economic
> realignment. Post-crash Europe is going through a socio-economic
> realignment
> that recognises the emerging dominance of international trade and cultural
> exchange by countries such as China, India and Brazil. As part of this
> process countries that once sustained values founded on social democratic
> principles are having to adapt their economies (material and cultural) to
> the instrumentalist models that underpin the emergent economies capacity to
> out-perform their competitors. The Anglo-American model has been under
> pressure at the same time, leading to the progressive collapse of the
> social
> contracts that underpinned them. We are moving from the European millennium
> to the Asian.
> Best
> Simon
> On 16/06/2011 10:55, "Andreas Broeckmann" <ab at dortmunder-u.de> wrote:
> > the Slovenian government wants to cut the cultural budget by 38 mio
> euros.
> >
> > (is this an accidental series, or are we
> > observing the erosion of something big?)
> >
> >
> >
> > Delo - Slowenien
> > Slowenien streicht Kulturetat zusammen
> >
> > Die slowenische Mitte-Links-Regierung hat am
> > Mittwoch ihren Entwurf für den Haushaltsplan 2012
> > vorgelegt und will im Kulturetat 38 Millionen
> > Euro streichen. Das ist viermal so viel wie bei
> > anderen Ressorts, rechnet die linksliberale
> > Tageszeitung Delo vor und vermisst Verständnis
> > für die gesellschaftliche Funktion der Kultur:
> > "Normalerweise sind die Mitglieder des Nationalen
> > Kulturrats eher zurückhaltend. Doch nun waren sie
> > so getroffen, dass sie mit Vorwürfen an die
> > Regierung und Gegenargumenten wenig zurückhaltend
> > waren. Der Haushalt bedeutet tiefe Einschnitte.
> > Nun drohen auch dem Projekt Kulturhauptstadt
> > Maribor 2012 große Probleme. Aufgeschoben würden
> > zudem Filmproduktionen, Investitionen in die Oper
> > Ljubljana, die Kunstgalerie Maribor und so
> > weiter. ... Eine sichtlich verarmte
> > Kulturlandschaft provoziert die berechtigte
> > Frage, ob unsere Regierung die grundsätzliche
> > Rolle der Kultur für die Entwicklung jedes
> > einzelnen Menschen, des Volks und des Staats
> > vergessen hat." (16.06.2011)
> >
> > http://www.delo.si/mnenja/komentarji/leta-nazadovanja.html
> > (externer Link, slowenisch)
> >
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