[spectre] Winter Residencies at Caravansarai Istanbul

Julie Upmeyer julie at caravansarai.info
Tue Jun 14 17:28:33 CEST 2011

Hello! If you could help us spread the word about this.  Many thanks

Winter Residencies at Caravansarai Istanbul

for residencies in Oct, Nov (2011) and Jan, Feb (2012)
Our seasonal live/work program is open to artists, creators and researchers (over 26 years of age) interested in well... living and working in Istanbul for periods of a minimum of one month and up to 3 months. Residents are responsible for their own financial support.
The live-work-see Residency exists to provide individuals:
» comfortable and convenient living quarters equipped with private shared bathroom and full kitchen, in a building dedicated to creative energy
» shared work space and/or studios in which residents can pursue their individual work
» local guidance and access to a wide network of resources and people in Istanbul by virtue of living within an artistic meeting point
For more information and the application please visit : http://www.caravansarai.info/index.php?/activities/residencies/
August 1st is the deadline to apply.

Anika Weshinskey
Julie Upmeyer

art production space and meeting point for creators in Istanbul
info at caravansarai.info

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