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Network as Material: An Interview with Julian Oliver.


Taina Bucher interviews Julian Oliver, the Berlin-based media artist and 
programmer at the Subtle Technologies festival in Toronto. Where he 
taught a workshop on the Network as Material. The aim of the workshop 
reflects Oliver’s artistic and pedagogical philosophy nicely; to not 
only make people aware of the hidden technical infrastructures of 
everyday life but also to provide people with tools to interrogate these 
constructed and governed public spaces.

Julian Oliver is a New Zealand born artist-inventor, teacher, writer and 
programmer based in Berlin. His work explores artistic game-development, 
virtual architecture, interface design, augmented reality, data 
forensics and open source development practices. In 1998 he established 
the art and games collective Select Parks and subsequently became a 
major figure within artistic game-development, creating several 
important works in this field, including qthoth (1998-1999), Fijuu2 
(2006), levelHead (2007-2008) and the Artvertiser (2008-2011). These 
last two focus on augmented reality as a platform for intervention, 
interaction and sculptural design.

Taina Bucher is a PhD fellow at the University of Oslo, Norway in Media 
Studies. She works on the relation between subjectivity and software in 
the context of social networking platforms. During 2010 she was a 
visiting scholar at New York University and will be a guest researcher 
at the Infoscape Research Lab at Ryerson University, Toronto spring 
2011. She holds an MSc in Cultural Sociology from the London School of 
Economics and Political Science. Her research interests include: 
software studies, media aesthetics, social media, attention, and visibility.


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