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But I think this is the state subvencionaed cultural model which is being
contested in the newliberal system. The state as donor and keeper of a
cultural status being paid by taxes is being substituted for the market and
the idea only the culture who is able to be soid iin a open market can
A kind "survival of the fit" in the cultural plane. Very narrowmionded and
dangerous, only mainstream culture would survive.

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> respectrespectrespectre...
> reading with interest the causes and claims, from Nederlands, to Brasil,
> Slovenia, England, cutting funding for the arts and culture, I would like
> humbly to submit another explanation, other, that is, than economic
> expediency, or ignorance and gross (and net) stupidity on the part of
> policy-makers. The state is scared.
> I would suggest that it is the institutional throat that is being cut,
> having seen a similar culling of institutions in NZ: cutting funding goes
> together with removing the autonomy of arts and cultural institutions, same
> as universities - any erstwhile politically autonomous institution, and
> therefore locus of critique. But when I say critique, I mean at the level of
> a power, which is that of institutions, of the power.
> Where is the undermining of the power actually occurring that governments
> might be frightened? At a wholly other level. Yet the muting of
> institutional critique can be seen as a reaction to certain events, the
> recent financial crisis among them, the ongoing crisis around energy
> consumption/production - and its economics - included. I suggest this muting
> to be in reaction and to entail two actions on the part of states and
> nations: cutting funding to and removing autonomy from educational, arts and
> cultural institutions.
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