[spectre] Pinkster in Haarlem (This is not grease)

Matze Schmidt matze.schmidt at n0name.de
Wed Jun 22 10:01:01 CEST 2011

        Another didactic poem by 38317

              With 16 footnotes!

Pinkster in Haarlem (This is not grease)

When the norman financial shark conquers the land[1]
And the jewish moneybags rape our infants
The wisdom of god is brought by the holy ghost[2]
Fifty days after the Lord visited our pub[3]
Listen this broken rap under the table
Cuts can not cut us, fancy a flutter?[4]
My MP will crave to help me
Don't refuse to rise from your Couch of Surfing[5]
You lazy bones come on, come one it's Astroturfing[6]
A rated peak withstand currency[7]
It was a growing flowerish industry
We have had so much succcess for generations
Now it is only a poor man's mustard[8], you bastard
Oh, media - the tulip, the computers, the flop-flip
Grant-aided, huh, great market
Let's paint shop windows with butter[9]
And build a new church in utter chaos
The jury[10], the court of citizens will not waste
Baptised, realised, demoralised, antichrist
On the hill with video[11] we will arise
Auto-monitoring and tracing donating[12]
Some Spiritus Rector[13] for our sector
We want the percents back or we hector
'Cause this is not grease, these are no greasers[14]
Work-shy suckers ... hard luck
I am not interested in your lies[15]
For I don't care when your homey ground dies[16]

[1] "Whitsun" is a mix of "white" (the colour) and 
    "wisdom" from above (the holy spirit) plus the 
    date the normans (vikings, barbarians) entered 
    england, since after this invasion the words 
    white and wisdom began to mash in the english 
    word for pentecost.

[2] The believe of christians.

[3] Pentecost (Whitsun) means fifty days after 
    the appearance of Jesus = God after his death 
    as human being.

[4] Fancy a flutter means to ask for a bet.

[5] Couch Surfing is considered to be the cheap 
    and cheaper way of the 2nd important part of 
    traveling (the 1st is touring): having a place 
    to sleep.

[6] What marketing and social web is really good 
    in is the simulation of grassroots movements.

[7] The rated peak withstand current is about a 
    limit value for a digital safety system in 
    power grids.

[8] The garlic root.

[9] I can not remember exactly if it was butter 
    on the windows that I saw in Haarlem. But 
    who can do graffiti with butter must be 
    definitely rich.

[10] De Balie in Amsterdam is one of those now 
     newly suffering media institutions due to 
     cuts in the culture sector announced in 
     mid 2011.

[11] Once again the a little bit slickly 
     Montevideo, Amsterdam.

[12] Yes, how about an automatic donating 
     system for the culture? While you phone 
     the state police keeps track of your 
     calls and every minute one cent goes to 
     artists (whoever this may be).

[13] Leading Spirit.

[14] Okay, this is a bad joke and comparison: 
     The poor bailed out Greece and the 
     mexican hool. But wait, isn't it Greece 
     which turns now into the new European 
     low wages zone for green industries?

[15] One can not know this if you are not 
     dutch, as "lui" in Netherlandish means 
     lazy but sounds like "lie".

[16] The play ground is the home ground for 
     the homeboy, the very masculine mate of 
     a closed off peer.

(c) n0name 2011

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