[spectre] POOL 4 XPERIMENT

Matze Schmidt matze.schmidt at n0name.de
Mon Mar 28 14:01:42 CEST 2011

for Experimental Sounds* at Schlachthof Kassel, Germany

Sessions with a bandwidth from conceptual noise to composition up to
improvisation are hard to find. Where are the programed machines,
digital or analogue, where are the small installations, the associative
tones, where the communicative waves of guitars, blowers and drums,
where are the sonic angles of idiophones and the bended circuits beyond

If music is the organisation of sound we are looking exactly for this
and invite to play, craft and overstep the listening. Let's call it
a process for now, in which New Music isn't scared of Funk or Clicks
and in which conventional instruments will be merged with unfamiliar

The procedure: There will be no list for a line-up, it is all about the
informal interplay, orders can be arranged in the situation dynamically.
Please bring equipment and instruments, a basic backline is in place.

Contact us ;)

Reference persons for questions and suggestions are:

Wolfgang Rennert <wolfgangrennert(at)web.de>
Matze Schmidt <matze.schmidt(at)n0name.de>

The next dates:

Tu., 29.03.2011 20:30 h

We., 27.04.2011 20:30 h

More: www.schlachthof-kassel.de [in German]

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