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Computers and Creativity 
Edited by Jon McCormack and Mark d'Inverno 
430p. Hardcover, 2012. Published by Springer, Berlin.
With a foreword by Margaret A. Boden


An interdisciplinary volume on how computers are reshaping creativity in art and science.

Computers, the Internet, and a whole array of new technologies are fundamentally changing our world. While the last decade has seen the rise of social computing, we see the next decade as one where computers will bring important changes to our understanding of creativity and the role computers can take in the creative process. Computers make us globally connected. They allow immediate access to more information than at any other time in human history. But does this new technology make us more creative? Can we build machines that are independently creative or that significantly extend our creativity into new domains? Do collaborative relationships between humans and computers enhance or curtail creative expression? These questions, and many more, are addressed in this interdisciplinary book which introduces new theories and ideas on creativity from the perspectives of science and art.

Featuring contributions from leading researchers, theorists and artists working in artificial intelligence, generative art, creative computing, music composition and performance, cybernetics and neuroscience, Computers and Creativity provides a fascinating multi-disciplinary view of human and machine creativity and the intersections between.

"required reading for everyone involved in the creative arts and interested in the role of technology towards shaping its future." 
Luc Steels [Professor and Head, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Paris, France]

"A wonderful collection of articles from some of the best in the field."
Marcus du Sautoy [Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford]

"Full of information and insights about the creative partnerships between computers, artists and musicians, Computers and Creativity is a timely book that does not shy away from tackling tough questions like where the creativity lies in art made by machines" 
Jane Prophet [Professor of Art and Interdisciplinary Computing, City University of Hong Kong]

"If I had to pick just one point out of this richly intriguing book, it would be something that the editors stress in their introduction: that these examples of computer art involve creative computing as well as creative art."
Margaret A. Boden [OBE, Professor of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex] 

For full details please see the book's website: http://computers-creativity.info

Best Wishes,

Jon McCormack 
Mark d'Inverno

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