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Good one Marc and Helen, thanks.

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> we are making art to view at home...
> By Helen Varley Jamieson.
> I really do wonder what the Tate Modern means when they say that their
> "live performance room" is "the only place you can see art made for you
> to view at home". Quite aside from the myriad artworks available online
> for people to experience - live or otherwise - have they forgotten about
> television, radio, and other media, digital and analogue, that has made
> the viewing of art possible not only at home but in all kinds of private
> and domestic spaces for - well, a very long time?
> Instead of expressing my frustration the Tate staff's ignorance of the
> field they claim to lead (they describe their Live Performance Room
> series as "ground-breaking" and "the first artistic programme created
> purely for live web broadcast"), I'm going to talk about some of the
> other, actually ground-breaking and innovative work that you can not
> only view, but also participate in, from the comfort of your own home;
> which is actually nothing new - ground-breaking artists have been
> creating this kind of work for at least 15 years.
> Last Saturday night, while sitting at home, I had the pleasure of
> participating in "Transmittance", an ongoing networked performance
> project by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič - this time in collaboration with
> artists at the Trouble festival in Brussels. "Transmittance" combines a
> live audio-visual stream with an IRC chat, and invites online
> participants to guide the action by selecting from a range of "choices"
> - movements, sound, text - that are then performed by the artists to the
> camera.
> more...
> http://www.furtherfield.org/blog/helen-varley-jamieson/we-are-making-art-view-
> home 
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