[spectre] New project - "Creation and Publication of the 'Digital Manual': Authority, Authorship and Voice"

Penny travlou sp.travlou at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 18:54:46 CEST 2012

"Creation and Publication of the 'Digital Manual’: Authority, Authorship
and Voice", a new project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research
Council, UK.

Have a look at our weblog http://sites.ace.ed.ac.uk/digital-manual/

The project looks at how the Digital Manual can be a paradigm for exploring
multi-authorship, co-creation and publication in other digitised textual
forms as well as how it can have relevance to the analogue book and serve
as a premise to learn valuable lessons. Specifically, it explores
authority, authorship and voice within this expanded domain of writing. It
investigates both the structures of power (e.g. hierarchy, heterarchy, peer
to peer, etc.) within creative communities as well as the authority and
power of the manual itself, within and outside these communities (e.g. the
relationship of the ‘manual’ with current regulatory frameworks, such as
Intellectual Property law and, in particular, copyright). The project looks
at four communities of digital artists/practitioners: FakePress (
www.fakepress.it), Sauti Ya Wakulima (www.sautiyawakulima.net), UpStage (
www.upstage.org.nz) and FLOSS Manuals (www.flossmanuals.org).
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