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Emergências 2012 

collective exhibition curated by Marta de Menezes
for Guimarães Capital da Cultura 16 jun - 2 set 2012
Fábrica Asa

artists: André Sier, Arcangel Constantini, Brian
Mackern, Chris Salter, Daniel Palacios, Eva y Franco
Mattes, Gustavo Romano, Joan Leandre, John Klima,
John Simon, Maria Manuela Lopes, Marta de Menezes e
José Pedro Sousa, Mike Thompson, NETescopio WEBART
Collection, Peter Flemming, Roman Kirschner, Shawn
Brixey, Tagny Duff, Yann Marussich.

Lampsacus André Sier (2012)

Lampsacus is a playable city. An interactive visual
environment where a virtual city is recreated,
modifiable, inhabited by its human visitors, at the
installation space, as well as computational
resident agents in the three dimensional space. This
environment is distributed in several playable
points of view over the space of the virtual city
which people can activate and navigate executing
movements in front of the projection. The movement
data, the continual difference between the images
communicates interaction between the parameters
obtained through computer vision and elements of the
three dimensional simulation which are dynamically
generated. The city grows, expands, contracts,
edifies and rebuilds new geometries, opens vacant
terrains, breathes with the motion of the people.

Lampsacus. Greek city topologies of the unknown meet
a vision of the free internet, the city of fluxes.
hardware: custom built computers, ir sensitive
webcams, speakers and microphones, video projectors
software: custom av code built in c++ on

more about Lampsacus:

on the opening, 16th june, besides installing
Lampsacus, André Sier will also make the real time
audio for Yann Marussich’s Bleu Remix performance. A
special program will analyse Yann's movements and
build musical lines from body sounds organized by
Yann Marussich, orchestrated live by André Sier.

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