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*Alpha-ville is the London International Festival of Post-digital Culture.
The festival presents a combination of advanced music & sound, film,
design, digital and new media art exhibitions, community events, urban
interventions, workshops, labs and a Symposium on Post-digital Culture.

The 4th edition will take place in London from 3-7 October 2012.

2012 THEME: 'Unfinity'

We live in a unique moment in history, between two rapidly changing worlds.
One is the world of decaying political and economic structures and the
other is the world of an infinite explosion in technology and information.
There are conflicting mindsets in every part of our culture: the
contradiction between ubiquitous virtual presence and physical presence
creating an identity crisis; the non-hierarchical, organic web structure
clashing with hierarchical, non-organic real-world structures; the myth of
the individual as a genius vs the power of the crowd and the collaborative
practice; the passive and observant attitude set against active
participation and co-creation. These opposing forces are placing us in a
paradoxical state that we have named Unfinity.

Unfinity is a pull between these poles, a hybrid space. It’s timeless and
uncertain. We believe that to ease the state of Unfinity in a human and
meaningful way it is crucial to be creative, to experiment, to challenge
and take action.

Alpha-ville 2012 invites artists, designers, thinkers, digital and
non-digital people to consider, participate in, create and express what
will be the next steps for building an alternative future that, we hope,
will belong to the people.

Timeless, Hybrid, Infinity, Code, Data, Body, Physicality, Space, Clould
Culture, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Experimentation, Unfinished,
Future of Art, New Aesthetic, Failure, Prototype, Interactivity,
Democratisation, Activism, Hacktivism, Avatars, 3D Printing,  Openweb,
Smart Cities, Sustainability, Internet of Things, Censorship, Privacy,
Identity, Grassroots, Uncertainty, Collaborative Design, DIY, Active
Citizenship, New Aesthetic, ...

Submissions close on Friday 22nd June 2012
Moving Image Submissions will close on Sunday 15th July 2012
Submission fee: £5
Proposals are accepted for the following categories:
AV Performances
Lab, Hack Event or Meet-up
Moving Image
Public Interventions
New Media Art/Multimedia Projects
Critical: Talks, Panels, Workshops, Presentations, Academic Papers*
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