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*18.06.2012, 20:00h*
*WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS #01:* Olivier Messiaen, Trevor Wishart, Kees 
Tazelaar, Wouter Snoei, Erwin Roebroeks.
[ http://lullcec.org/2012/concerts/wfs-01/ ]
*19.06.2012, 20:00h*
*WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS #02: *EVOL (*), Yutaka Makino, Erik Nyström, 
Miguel Negrão, Arthur Sauer.
[ http://lullcec.org/2012/concerts/wfs-02/ ]
*20.06.2012, 20:00h*
*WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS #03: *Robert Henke, Iannis Xenakis, Alfredo Costa 
Monteiro (*), Rubén Patiño (*).
[ http://lullcec.org/2012/concerts/wfs-03/ ]
During three days we will enjoy the presence of the Game Of Life 
Foundation's system, which counts 192 speakers and 12 subwoofers. The 
evening events will feature lectures by two of the founders of this 
project, as well as a concert program that will include pieces specially 
commissioned for this occasion (*).
Wave Field Synthesis is a technique for sound spatialisation than 
produces "artificial" wave fronts using a large number of speakers. 
Contrary to traditional spatialization techniques such as stereophonic 
sound, the localization of virtual sources in WFS does not change with 
the listener's position. WFS systems also allow the positioning of 
sounds outside the square conformed by the array of speakers and, as 
opposed to most multichannel sound systems, are characterized by the 
absence of a sweet spot and for enjoying a wider optimal listening area.
22.06.2012 Tetsuya Umeda. Impremta l'Automàtica.
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