[spectre] "All Hail Damien Hirst!" Augmented Reality Intervention @ Tate Modern.

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Marc garrett interviews Tamiko Thiel about "All Hail Damien Hirst!" An 
Augmented Reality Intervention @ Tate Modern.

Interest in Damien Hirst and his commercialized, celebrity status is 
well known. So when we heard that Tamiko Thiel was making the artwork 
"All Hail Damien Hirst!", we were immediately curious. Hirst is an 
extremely rich individual with powerful allies within wealthy, 
traditional art establishment circles. This includes Charles Saatchi, 
and commercially dedicated art mags and art institutions whom have all 
successfully helped in marketing his particular brand as part of their 
own economic strategy. With this in mind and acknowledging the potential 
risk in satirizing a well known art celebrity we thought it was a good 
idea to interview Thiel about her ideas and experience on the project?


Tamiko Thiel is a media artist developing the dramatic and poetic 
capabilities of various forms of virtual and augmented reality as media 
for exploring social and cultural issues.

A founding member of the cyberartist group Manifest.AR, she participated 
in the pathbreaking augmented reality exhibit “We AR in MoMA,” an 
uninvited guerilla takeover of MoMA New York. Videos of Thiel’s “Art 
Critic Face Matrix” were featured in articles in the New York Times and 
on WNYC (National Public Radio). In 2011 she led the Manifest.AR Venice 
Biennial AR Intervention, placing her work series "Shades of Absence," 
on censorship in the visual arts, in the Venice Giardini and in the 
German National Pavilion (which won the Golden Lion Award for best 
national pavilion). This led to an invitation to participate in the 
ISEA2011 exhibition UNCONTAINABLE, an official parallel program of the 
Istanbul Biennial, where she placed her artwork series "Captured Images" 
into the main biennial exhibition.

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