[spectre] RADIAL: Radio Waves ı Broadcasting -ı- Saturday 07.07.12 WORKSHOP (BERLIN) by http://r-aw.cc

victor Mazon Gardoqui pin at r-aw.cc
Wed Jun 27 14:10:24 CEST 2012

RADIAL: Radio Waves ı Broadcasting

Date: Saturday 07.07.12 from 12 - 19 hrs, 1 hour lunch break
Duration: 1 day - 6 hours
Max participants: 11
Target of participants: People interested in radio waves  
experimentation, audio / video wireless transmission,   
electromagnetism, performance, custom electronics
Language: English / Spanish
Material Costs: 50€ per participant. Includes Fee + Black matt nickle  
electroless PCB with gold pads (Limited edition of 200 units), SMD  
components, antenna and ceramic dental.
Location: Ø - Cotheniusstrasse 5, D-10407 Berlin
Required skills  No previous experience in electronics (but helpful),  
interest and patience.
Required materials Fine tip soldering iron less than 25w.
Tags: Cryptography, eavesdropping, encoded character, connection,  
radio waves, sound recording, linguistics, hidden messages,(il)legal,  
radio art, non-places, Claude Shannon.

Registration: pin at r-aw.cc
+info:  http://r-aw.cc/radial/


http://r-aw.cc/radial is a seminar about reception and emission based  
on an electronic device which works as an autonomous emitter able to  
broadcast in the spectrum of radio waves. Radial operates on the full  
dial of FM (UKW) and UHF, working as a short range radio station or an  
b/w (un)stable UHF TV station with a range of about 2 Km distance on  
an open/wide space, and can be syncroniced with other Radial units to  
extend the diameter of activity. It has an audio/video/data input and  
an antena output for broadcasting, its powered by USB or an external  


The seminar exposes an on-going research by http://r-aw.cc focused on  
the experimentation with wireless telecomunication devices to open a  
discussion on topics releated with information networks, activism,  
hidden signals, radio art, (iI)legality.


Mailing list: http://r-aw.cc/lll/m4il/


Ø - Cotheniusstrasse 5, D-10407 Berlin

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