[spectre] ACTOR

Antoine Schmitt as at gratin.org
Sat Jun 30 22:58:20 CEST 2012

Summer is back ! Time to wear your ACTOR T-Shirt, time to disseminate  
the ACTORWEAR artwork...

The clothes of the ACTORWEAR line all display the word ACTOR in large  
white letters, like the FBI or POLICE jackets.

In the eyes of those who see them, thanks to the affirmative power of  
the visual design of the ACTOR word, the wearer of an ACTORWEAR  
garment effectively becomes an actor. This assertion of a  
fundamentally written essence of reality leads to questionings of  
metaphysical, psychological, aesthetical, social and political nature.

ACTORWEAR is a global conceptual artwork of artist Antoine Schmitt,  
which each of the wearers is a part of.

Good reasons to wear an ACTORWEAR garment :
• be part of a global conceptual artwork and disseminate it
• create a reality distortion field around you
• attract perplex stares
• fill each of your actions with meaning
• make people around you question their own scripts of action
• invent a new role, be free
• play your own role, be yourself

More information : http://www.actorwear.com

++ as / Antoine Schmitt

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