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== (some pics from the installation and sites simulation) ==



During the end of March 2012, Indonesians from various backgrounds 
were voicing outrage against the Indonesian Government's plan to cut 
subsidies on the type of fuel used by most of the population, which 
would directly result in fuel price hike. Hundreds of demonstrations and rallies took place in many Indonesian major cities.
Days before 1 April 2012, the date when the Government's decision is 
due, the demonstrations escalated in intensity, which culminated in 
clashes between police and protesters. The situation grew alarming 
nationwide as conflicts between people and the Government were in the 
rise. Finally, after an intense plenary session, the House rejected the 
fuel price hike proposal. Shortly afterwards, the issue of fuel subsidies removal gradually went out of public attention. The general 
public were pleased and soothed.

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