[spectre] CFP: 'Visualising East Asia: Diasporas and (Post)digital Dialogues'

Andreas Broeckmann broeckmann at leuphana.de
Tue May 15 11:59:58 CEST 2012

From: Dr Ming Turner <mturner at dmu.ac.uk>
Date: May 4, 2012
Subject: CFP: 'Visualising East Asia: Diasporas and (Post)digital Dialogues'

Macao, China, July 24 - 27, 2013
Deadline: Jun 24, 2012

Visualising East Asia: Diasporas and (Post)digital Dialogues

Digitalisation is an important aspect of today's globalised world, 
enabling instant communication and access both to data and to 
individuals, including culture makers residing in different nations. 
While digital communication transcends the borders of East and West, so 
do people, as they physically travel and relocate to different regions 
.Such diasporas, like the Internet itself, are in some ways situated in 
more than one location at once, as they experience inbetweenness and 
necessary multi-national dialogues. This poses the question as to 
whether the omnipresence of digital technology to some extent annuls 
diasporic identity or, alternatively, whether - in the twenty first 
century - we are all in some ways diasporic. This panel addresses such 
questions and asks participants to explore the relationship between East 
Asian cultural diasporas and digital art.

Commentators - such as Ascott - suggest that we are living in a 
post-digital age. They suggest that the significance of digital 
technology is its capacity to improve or benefit the human function and 
experience; that to digitalise is to humanise. It can also be 
acknowledged or contested that the digital is now so intrinsic to our 
everyday existence, that it is no longer debatable as a post-modern 
phenomenon; we are beyond digitalisation and so we are 
post-digitalisation. If this is the case, then further questions need to 
be asked regarding how this affects contemporary artists who may be 
working outside of the digital medium itself, or who are living in Asian 
countries where Internet usage is limited or unsanctioned? Is it 
possible for diasporic artists in particular to ignore forms of digital 
art and communication, and to what degree does it impact upon their 
cultural existence?

Participants are encouraged to discuss specific artistic groups and 
individuals from East Asia who consider themselves to be diasporic and 
the ways in which the digital or post-digital globe works to enhance or 
alienate their everyday creative experiences.

This call for paper aims to form a panel for the International 
Convention of Asian Scholars. Macao: The East-West Crossroads, to be 
held on 24-27 June 2013 in Macao. http://www.icassecretariat.org/.

Please submit a maximum 250 words abstract with a maximum 200 words 
biography to the panel convenors, Dr Ming Turner (De Montfort 
University, mturner at dmu.ac.uk) and Dr Beccy Kennedy (Manchester 
Metropolitan University, b.m.kennedy at mmu.ac.uk) by 24th June 2012.

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: 'Visualising East Asia: Diasporas and (Post)digital Dialogues'. In: 
H-ArtHist, May 4, 2012. <http://arthist.net/archive/3216>.

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