[spectre] ( nula ) new filecast: 56072 falling light. mp3, 7 minutes.

ll ll at detritus.net
Wed May 23 17:30:30 CEST 2012

# 56072 falling light

oddly, when you take a perfectly ordinary suspense strain from an
unremarkable hollywood police thriller, and give it the old granular
synthesis treatment, something almost gothic emerges. at least, that’s
what i think.

download: nula.cc/56072
stream: soundcloud.com/nulacc/56072-falling-light

# 56066 interlude

a simple assemblage of sound passages from a selection of mid-century
movies, evoking an eventless space where only time passes. a close
inspection of moments approximately intended to come forward once, then
dissolve quickly into the past.

download: nula.cc/56066
stream: soundcloud.com/nulacc/56066-interlude

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