[spectre] Besides the Screen International Conference - full programme online! registrations open!

Gabriel Menotti gabriel.menotti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 08:41:36 CET 2012


Apologies for the massive cross-post!

I’m happy to announce that the full programme of the Besides the Screen
2012 International Conference is now online, and registrations are open.

BTS is an event about the continuing transformation of audiovisual media
practices. The 2012 edition will have a number of panels, workshops and
screenings – plus keynotes by Professor Janet Harbord (Queen Mary
University) and Dr. Charlotte Crofts (UWE-Bristol).

Check the website HTTP://BTS.RE to register for these activities.

You are also invited to submit film, video, performance and installation
projects for a special night coordinated by Exploding Cinema.

Besides the Screen will be held in London, around Goldsmiths College and
the Dekspace Media Lab, from November 29 to December 2. The conference is
supported by the Goldsmiths’ Media & Comms Research Fund.

Again -->  HTTP://BTS.RE

Looking forward to see you there! =)

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