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MediaCity 4: Call for Workshop Proposals
DEADLINE: December 17, 2012

International Conference, Workshops and Exhibition
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
May 3-5, 2013

MediaCities is pleased to announce an open call for workshops organized in conjunction with the conference, to be held in Buffalo, New York from May 3-5, 2013.

We invite workshop proposals that address specific themes around pluralities and globalities, particularly as they appear in some of the topics that have already been identified in the call for papers:
the contexts of non-Western cities and post-industrial societies (Other Urbans);
protest, public space, and contested shared urban events (Uncommons);
new life in dead and dying urban milieux (Zero Growth Cities);
cross-scale urban landscapes (Media Geographies) and,
trans-national urban cities (Bordervilles).

More information on these topics is available here: http://mediacities.net

MediaCities workshops can take either of the following forms:

Workshops designed to share knowledge in emerging areas amongst a small group of people within an intimate, peer-oriented setting. This may be through presentations, demonstrations, field trips, actions or events or any combination thereof.
Skill-share workshops that provide hands-on experience in an area of general interest to the MediaCities community, including (but not limited to): mobile and locative media, platforms for embedded and distributed sensing, urban data visualization, ambient informatics and responsive systems.

A workshop proposal should contain at least the following information:

Names, affiliations and bios of main organizers.
Motivation and rationale for the workshop.
For knowledge-share workshops:
a draft of the Invitation to Participate to be issued.
expected number and format of presentations, demonstrations, actions or events.
For skill-share workshops:
an outline of the topics to be covered.
a description of required skill-level of participants.
a list of required tools and equipment.
A list of technical resources and space requirements for the workshop.
The workshop deadlines, both internal and external.
Expected number of participants.
An itemized budget indicating all expenses and income for the workshop.

Email proposals as a single PDF to <cfp-workshops at mediacities.net> with the subject line “PROPOSAL: MediaCities Workshops.” Send questions to <chairs at mediacities.net>.
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