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//CALL FOR SHARE PRIZE 2013 - /Real Time | Real Space/

Piemonte Share is announcing a new edition of the Share Prize, the 
international competition designed to discover, promote and support art 
in the digital age.

Entries for the Share Prize can be submitted from 20h June to 30h August 
2013, by completing the entry form on the website www.toshare.it. The 
Share Prize this year will focus on the theme for the 9th Share 
Festival, entitled */Real Time | Real Space/*.

This year, Share Festival will be shining the spotlight on how 
communications have become simultaneous and geolocalized in contemporary 
cities, sharpening its focus and critique onto the integration of 
digital networks in the urban environment.

Artists are not just aesthetic messengers but social agents, who use 
networks to change the way we think about media and relational space. 
The artistic practices they pioneer create critical prisms through which 
to view urban space. The artistic realm is overlapped with the physical, 
urban world to explore a new dimension in which art can redirect the 
social and political leanings of networks, communities and artists into 

Instead of taking humans into virtual space, digital technology has 
enhanced the way we interact with others and with the physical world. 
Today, the map is no longer a representation of the territory; rather, 
it incorporates it. How do people shape, and how are they shaped by, the 
integrated platform created between data and location?

An international jury will short-list six finalists for the prize, who 
will be invited to take part in the 9th Share Festival, to be held in 
Torino from 8th to 17th November 2013, at the Regional Museum of Natural 
Science.  The names of the short-listed finalists (maximum six nominees) 
will be announced by the beginning of september 2013.


SUBSCRIBE ONLINE <http://www.toshare.it/shareprize/submit.php?lang=en>

www.toshare.it <http://www.toshare.it/>

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