[spectre] Hack Value & hacking without technology - what does it look like?

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jul 24 18:50:45 CEST 2013

Hi Spectre types,

I have been writing a paper called "Hack Value". It relates to 
contemporary forms of Art & Hacktivism without the use of technology. It 
also includes various examples of 'non art' cultural hacks.

"Hack Value comprises of technological and physical forms of hacking. 
These include agency, skill, craft, disruption, social change, activism, 
aesthetics, recontextualizing, claiming or reclaiming territories, 
independence, emancipation, relearning, rediscovering, play, 
criticalness, challenging borders, breaking into and opening up closed 
systems, changing a context or situation, highlighting an issue, finding 
ways around problems, changing defaults, and restructuring things."

If anyone on here knows of individuals or groups exploring these forms 
of hacking and it does not involve technology, but in some way relates 
to art. I would love to interview you or them?

I am especially interested in female artists & female theorists 
exploring this kind of practice, because (of course) we need more wimmin 
represented as usual. It does not matter whether you are part of an 
institution or not or if you have been seen in big festivals (that's not 
important! Dark matter Lives!), so please contact me if you think your 
work fits into this kind of research.

The other thing is, it does not necessarily have to be literally 
political - it could be something that involves some form of social 
change or emancipation (emancipation especially).

The paper is part of a larger study called 'An Imaginative Dissent: In 
Art, Technology & Social Change'.

Hack Value will be published - and I'm currently thinking about how it 
can be a conference & where - but writing about it is the main focus 
right now.

If you want to view other interviews I have done - look here.
Selected interviews on art, technology & social change by Marc Garrett

Links to two other articles here...
Disrupting The Gaze: Art Intervention and the Tate Gallery.

Revisiting the Curious World of Art & Hacktivism.

Wishing you well & thanks for your time.

marc garrett.

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