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ArtUP! Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

OPEN CALL for projects
'Home/s', media art exhibition

Deadline extended until the 2nd of August, 2013

 the exhibition 'Neighborhood X.0' (2012) in Ankara and a series of 
exhibitions under the title 'PARABOLE' (running until 25/07/2013) in 
several cities in Bulgaria, ArtUP! is preparing the next exhibition 
'Home/s' in collaboration with the Benaki Museum in Athens.

 invites artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey to submit their work 
for the exhibition 'Home/s' that will take place in Athens and will be 
curated by Daphne Dragona and Katerina Gkoutziouli. 

will aim to explore the notion of 'home' in times of constant 
connectivity and to discuss its emerging relocations and 
transformations. Influenced by Vilém Flusser's writings, the 
exhibition's starting point will be home's fundamental contradiction. 
Offering us the essential sense of belonging, home provides us with a 
context through which we recognize the world but at the same time it 
prevents us from really seeing it. Made 'not of conscious rules' but 
rather of 'unconscious habits' which cover us as 'a fluffy blanket', it 
provides a comforting ground which safe as it may be, unavoidably it 
allows little room for shifts and changes. But where is home today? 
Which habits tie us to it? How we perceive our habits through 
technology? And how can we overcome their constraints? 

The new 
ARTUP! exhibition wishes to offer possible answers to these questions 
and to comment on the different ways of 'feeling at home' in the 
networked era. It will particularly examine how a new sense of belonging
 has been shaped with the proliferation of networked technologies, which
 is enabled by our mediated presence and empowered by affect. Are these 
innumerous connections built among citizens from different countries in 
periods of insurrection and unrest the new home for the many? Are the 
possibilities given for borderless communication the answer for the ones
 that need to be on the move? Are we really home within the networks? 
And how can technology capture, affect or change our feeling of 

A redefinition of the notion of home will be 
attempted through the presentation of different art projects and 
creative practices from the three participating countries. 

exhibition 'Home/s' will take place from October 11 to November 17, 2013
 at the Benaki Museum (Pireos Annex) in Athens. 'Home/s' will be also 
presented online on the ArtUP! website. 

Detailed information about the submission process and the exhibition is available at the following link: 

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