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Review of Ligna’s 'The First International of Shopping Malls' (Cork, 

By Laura Forlano.


Laura Forlano reviews Ligna’s 'The First International of Shopping 
Malls' (Cork, Ireland) feature's over a decade of new media art that has 
transformed and appropriated city spaces. Challenging the separation of 
physical from digital, global from local, private from public, and 
individual from community.

"Murakami’s novel After Dark (2007) which refers to both the mobile 
phone as well as the retail environment of the 7-Eleven seems a fitting 
place to begin a review of a new media art project that uses 
communication technology to explore and inhabit the space of shopping 
malls. Digital technologies have enabled the emergence of new forms of 
participatory art, design and creative practices that inhabit urban, 
communal and personal spaces in a variety of interesting ways. In June 
2012, as part of the Midsummer Festival in Cork, Ireland, the German 
group Ligna, which consists of media theorists and radio artists, 
created a radio ballet entitled The First International of Shopping 
Malls. The ballet was part of a series of events called Parallel Cities 
that was curated by Lola Arias and Stefan Kaegi."

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