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Interpolationen - Interpolations
Friday Dec 2nd, esc media art lab Graz AT

'Interpolations' is a workshop and a micro-symposium built around the
current exhibition at esc 'Imperfect Reconstruction'. It aims at
bringing together researchers and artists in order to identify their
different approaches to and perspectives on the algorithmic, gathering
positions and possibilities that may then be “interpolated” to obtain
joins. We do not try to generate a “complete” picture, but we are
interested especially in the distances and gaps, seeing them as positive
aspects of the algorithmic, as all the resistances that prevent the
termination of thoughts and movements.

The workshop is the first part of the event. It takes place in the
morning/at noon and is comprised of invited participants, who, with the
exhibition as a point of departure, discuss and work together on topics
such as experimentation with algorithms, algorithmic agency, algorithms
and corporeality, methodology and artistic research.

The symposium starts at 4 pm and invites a broad audience. We want to
diverge from the classical form of a symposium and integrate well with
the artistic environment. We begin with a friendly reception with food
and drinks, as well as a quick tour through the exhibition. Then, in
order to stimulate discussion between the participants and the audience,
the workshop participants provide short individual “statements”, whereby
the term “statement” can be interpreted liberally. A statement can mean
a train of thought that serves as the basis for discussion, it can mean
a piece of work that fits with the theme or that includes performative
aspects in its presentation, etc. It leads to a moderated discussion
where the audience is invited to join. Finally, there is a dedicated
slot at the end of the afternoon for a longer performative presentation.

With Christa Brüstle, Luc Döbereiner, Gerhard Eckel, Klemens Fellner,
Urs Hirschberg, Reni Hofmüller, Lisa Horvath, Veronika Mayer, David
Pirrò, Hanns Holger Rutz, Reiko Yamada

Online: http://esc.mur.at/en/termin/interpolations

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