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Olivier Auber, "Search for Terrestrial Intelligence"


The existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms among the
thousands of billions of galaxies that dance in the Universe is beyond
doubt (1). Meeting with one of them is only a matter of time. SETI
(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been searching for them
for only half a century. However, the crucial question today is
whether we will have time to establish contact given the multiple
threats that humanity puts on itself. Therefore, it seems urgent to
launch a program complementary to SETI which could be called STI
(Search for Terrestrial Intelligence).

Enrico Fermi, ID badge, Los Alamos, (~1943)

In 1950, the physicist Enrico Fermi formulated the following paradox:
If there were extraterrestrial civilizations, their representatives
should be already around us. But we do not see them. One of the
hypotheses that could explain their absence could be that intelligent
civilizations all end up self-destructing before making any contact
with one another. A mysterious phenomenon would be at work at the
heart of civilizations; Suicidal behavior would emerge systematically
from all forms of intelligent lives. Concerning humanity, some evoke a
systemic stupidity (2) specific to our species. On the scale of the
Universe, if this hypothesis is true, one could speak of cosmic
stupidity. [...]

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