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2017-10-06 18:09 GMT+02:00 Kim Cascone <anechoicmedia at gmail.com>:

> Drone Cinema Film Festival 2018
> ~ Call for Entries ~
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> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1T5fEi2h_2epKs6vu1YmdxnukFtgwuQDVF0eWnd
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> Drone Cinema Film Festival, a non-competitive curated film festival, seeks
> entries for the fourth edition of the festival to take place in 2018.
> We seek independent, unique and compelling work in film, experimental
> video and animation. All interested filmmakers and sound/media artists are
> encouraged to submit work for consideration.
> This Year's Theme: “LUNAR - SILVER”
> Up until the 2017 edition of the festival we have not had a theme. For the
> second year in a row we're going to select a theme that artists can use as
> a palette or foundation to work from. This year’s theme is “LUNAR -
> SILVER.” Any all all aspects of the material/lunar concepts are offered:
> colors, metaphors, or any other significance the moon and silver can
> conjure.
> Please keep in mind that this theme is to be used as the of basis for a
> visual representation of a sonic musical drone which is explained below.
> All films submitted must adhere to this theme or will not be considered.
> The Drone
> The drone forms the basis of much world music, from Early Music to Ragas
> to American Primitive Folk Music to experimental music, the sonic drone
> transports the viewer to a space that exists outside of time, inducing a
> transcendental state of consciousness and visions of ancient exotic
> landscapes infused with esoteric philosophies; or, anywhere the listener's
> imagination is liable to take them.
> On the surface Drone Cinema shares similar qualities with Slow Cinema,
> Structuralism & Minimalism, but Drone Cinema eschews narrative altogether
> and instead focuses on micro-movements within the frame: monotonal
> structures, monochromatic radiations, hypnotic ganzfelds, emanations from
> the cracks in the world, slowly changing blur fields, light beams filled
> with particles of dancing dust -- i.e., tiny visual nuances that go
> unnoticed by the casual observer.
> If you are a fan of Earth, La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Phil Niblock,
> Terry Riley, Glenn Branca, Eliane Radigue, Indian Classical Music, Early
> Music or other drone oriented musics then it's obvious you know what drones
> *sound* like, the point is: we want to know what you think drones *look*
> like.
> Looking forward to viewing your work,
> Kim Cascone
> Director/Curator, Drone Cinema Film Festival
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