[spectre] OPEN CALL: SportCamp 2017 (for Commoning and Co-creation) at Timelab, Ghent

Zeljko Blace zblace at mi2.hr
Mon Oct 16 21:36:49 CEST 2017

UPDATE: Deadline is extended to November 1st 2017 !

On Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 9:02 PM, Zeljko Blace <zblace at mi2.hr> wrote:

> *Another SPORT is possible?!.**
> These are extraordinary times. Times of reinvention and mobilization. We
> have to reinvent systems, time and pastime, mobilize bodies, communities
> and structures. For decades, our sport systems have leaned towards
> alienating industrialization and will not be fixed/updated on their own,
> without our joint action. In the ecology of tiny systems, the micro-worlds
> of exceptions, by branching out, multiplying, showing diversity and
> resilience there is a place for solidarity and serendipity on a bigger
> scale.What is the future for bodily social experience? Can personal
> development and growth, Do-it-Yourself/with-Others cultures be the starting
> points of a new way to self-organize athletes and sport systems? Can a
> multitude of minorities combine into a non-normative driving force? What
> are your ideas, concepts, visions, prototypes or models for the commoning
> and co-creation of sport?___
> *paraphrasing “Another world is possible”
> *OPEN CALL: SportCamp 2017(for 4-10 days around December 1st,at Timelab,
> Kogelstraat 34, 9000 Ghent, Belgium)*
> *WHY: What can be the role of the artist-activist/athlete in the field of
> sport? Can art/an artwork be a prototype for a different practice/system of
> sport? Can artists provide visions, tool boxes and methods for new
> directions and transitory developments? What happens when we bring the two
> most prominent non-essential parts of society - contemporary art and sport
> - together again? How are today’s sports different to the ancient times
> when specializations and distinctions were less industrialized? If the
> artist is an athlete or the athlete is an artist, what does that bring to
> the field of sport or how does it change their relation?- The artists can
> provide visions, imagine tools and methods for a new perspective on the
> world and maybe new practices/roles/relations sport can fill? What can
> sport bring to the art field? A sense of team-spirit, camaraderie and
> belonging? Visibility and affective directness for the masses?- SportCamp
> aims to be a place for cross-pollination, transgressing encounters and
> exchange, linked to a social theme, and it is a follow up to Timelab
> Springcamp 2013 and collaboration with Z. Blace, which now includes
> collaboration with ccSPORT and other partners.WHAT: Timelab’s SportCamp
> 2017 invites you to draw up concepts, exchange and develop ideas with other
> thinkers and doers in a group of about 10 participants and a few invited
> guests over several days.HOW: E-mail SportCamp at timelab.org
> <SportCamp at timelab.org> with a short bio, background info and motivation
> (max. one A4 of font size 11 + max. 2 media files) before 18th of October
> 2017. After us processing your inputs, you will be provided with a
> procedure and access to an environment for joint commoning, correlating and
> matching for co-creation of proposals from shared ideas and/or concepts.
> Decisions of acceptance and support will be based on a joint sense and
> estimation of urgency, resonance with context, potential for sustainable
> production in 2018. In ethical terms, we are guided by principles of
> commoning and expect participants to join in P2P sharing, care and
> collaboration. Food and lodgings will be provided by Timelab and economy
> class transportation costs will be refunded by Timelab. For more info and
> updates look up: http://call.Timelab.org/
> <http://call.timelab.org/> or http://call.ccSPORT.link/
> <http://call.ccsport.link/>WHERE: Timelab is a hotbed for makers, thinkers
> and doers. It does this by providing time and space, tools and methods, in
> a community of people co-creating through weekly operations and regular
> workshops, with seasonal camps and thematic residencies. Timelab is located
> in Ghent (Belgium). http://about.Timelab.org/ <http://about.timelab.org/>*
> *Timelab is supported bythe Flemish Community and the city of Ghent*
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