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RE:TRACE - International Conference on the Histories of Media Art,
Science and Technology

KREMS | GÖTTWEIG | VIENNA, Austria - November 23 - 25, 2017
** Registration **  http://www.mediaarthistory.org/retrace 

The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science
and Technology - RE:TRACE -  will be hosted by the Department for Image
Science and held jointly at Danube University, Göttweig Abbey and the
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna. Following Banff 2005, Berlin 2007,
Melbourne 2009, Liverpool 2011, Riga 2013 and Montreal 2015, the Media
Art History Boards and Co-Chairs invite you to attend Re:Trace 2017 in

MediaArtHistories RE:TRACE Conference: Day 1, 23.11.2017
(Danube-University Krems)

09:00 Official Opening  Welcome Conference Chairs Oliver GRAU (Danube
U) and Inge HINTERWALDNER (HU Berlin)

09:20 Keynote Ryszard KLUSZCZYŃSKI (University of Łodz, PL): Monument
as Archive: artistic strategies from anti- to meta-memorial 

10:45 Session: Cybernetics, computing and the question of
representation in art, Chair: Giselle BEIGUELMAN

Steve DIXON (UK): Understanding Media Art as Cybernetic-Existentialism
Andres BURBANO (CO): The MONIAC and the Arts
Kevin HAMILTON (US): Beyond Visualization: Genealogies of Unmapped
Complexity in Media Art and Technology
Gerald NESTLER (AT): Aesthetics of Resolution

10:45 Session: Early experimental strategies in the
image-sound-complex, Chair: Wendy COONES

Jungmin LEE (US): Scroll as Virtual Media: Kinetic Abstraction and
Projection circa 1920
Stefanie BRÄUER (CH): Electronic Oscillography in Early 1950s
Experimental Film
Ashley SCARLETT/Martin ZEILINGER(CA): Art, Technology and Affordance
Soojung YI (KR): When 'new media art' became the solution to endow
cultural identity to its community? The history of new media art in
South Korea since 1980s

10:45 Session: Generative Art, Chair: Ksenia FEDOROVA

Frieder NAKE (DE): Georg Nees & Harold Cohen. Retracing Origins
Caroline MENEZES (UK): From Painting to Coding: The Art of Harold
Sjoukje van der MEULEN (NL): Rethinking Painting:  Nechvatal’s
Computer Virus Project
Robin OPPENHEIMER (US): You have been processed! Exploring Early
Artists' & Engineers' Collaborations with Video Processing Machines

12:15 Lunch Break & POSTER SESSION of Media Art & Digital Humanities

13:45 Session: Politics - Ambitious goals with tactical media, Chair:

Dmitry GALKIN (RU): Art, Science and Technology in Russia: current
affairs and ambitions for the future
Rania GAFAAR (DE): Crisis as Critical Practice in the MENA
Chandrika ACHARYA (IN): Mediating Resistance: Indian New Media Art
Polonia TRATNIK (SI): Media art and Politics: The Question of Tomorrow

13:45 Session: Sound Art, Chair: Ana PERAICA

Biljana LEKOVIĆ (RS): History/Practices of Sound Art in Serbia
Michelle LEWIS-KING (UK): Pulse Project: Listening Across Disciplines
and Cultures
Joo Yun LEE (US): Speculative-sensible Experience in Ryoji Ikeda’s
Audiovisual Installation and Performance Inside and Outside of the White
Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda SEPÚLVEDA (CA): Towards an alternative
history of Electronic Music: Latin American Women Composers, 1888-1980

13:45 Session: From Trans-Local to Telematic, Chair: Jon CATES

Rod BANTJES (CA): Governing Publics: the Politics of Optical media in
18th-century England and America
Patrick LICHTY (AE): the world, Another 24 Hours: Practice-Based
Research and the works of Robert Adrian X & Bill Bartlett
Paul SERMON/Claire MCANDREW (UK): 3x4: a telematics/architectural
Joanna GRIFFIN (IN): Creative Encounters and Subaltern Aesthetic in the
Early Years of the Indian Space Program

15:45 Session: Politics - Ecology, politics, and aesthetics I, Chair:

Aaron BURTON (AU): Ecological intimacy and unmanned photography:
drones, GoPros, and satellites
Jens HAUSER (DK): Toward Greenness Studies: Materials – Metaphors –
Media – Misunderstandings
Yvonne VOLKART (CH): Re-Tracing Aesthetic Strategies in Times of
Electronic Waste
Viola RÜHSE (AT): Facebook's symbolic headquarter MPK20 by Frank Gehry

15:45 Session: Modulating sensory perception with media cross-over,
Chair: Sjoukje van der MEULEN

Katharina GSÖLLPOINTNER (AT): Digital Kinesthesia. Kinesthetic modes of
media aesthetics in digital art
Chris SALTER (CA): Sensed Selves: The (expanded) Sensorium in Media Art
Nina SOSNA (PT)/Ksenia FEDOROVA (RU): Connective tissues in media
Aura BALANESCU (RO): Media Art: Trans-Perception, Trans-Repräsentation,

15:45 Session: Soft and Fluid Media, Chair: Katja KWASTEK

Jonas JØRGENSEN (DK): From Soft Sculpture to Soft Robotics: Retracing a
Physical Aesthetics of Bio-Morphic Softness
Hava ALDOUBY (IL): Shifting Sands: Sand as Medium in Israeli New Media
Laura BELOFF (DK): Observing Evolution and Techno-Organic Practices –
in Art and Design
Falk HEINRICH (DK): Art and Technology as Research: Episteme and Techne

17:15 Keynote Morten SØNDERGAARD (Aalborg University, DK): Archive
Agencies. Tracing the Implied Producers of Media Art Collections

18:30 Opening Drinks and exhibition tour at Kunsthalle Krems Welcome by
Director Florian Steininger
Ceremony: MediaArtHistories International Award to Werner NEKES
(posthumous), Laudatio by Chair of Award Committee


MAH RE:TRACE: Day 2, 24.11.2017 (Göttweig Abbey)

08:30 - 09:30 Transfer from Danube University to Göttweig Abbey

09:45 Keynote Wendy Hui Kyong CHUN (Brown University, US): Approximate
Repetitions: Latent Big Data

11:15 Session: Politics: Political and aesthetic impacts of automated
classifications, Chair: Morten SØNDERGAARD

Maciej OŻÓG (PL): Tearing down the biometric cage: deconstructing
biometric surveillance through art
Jennifer GRADECKI (US)/Derek CURRY (US): Crowd-Sourced Intelligence
Agency: Prototyping Counterveillance
Devon SCHILLER (AT): The physiognomic (un)genre: Challenges of
Automated Facial Expression Analysis-Based Media Art to both the Art and
Science of Face
Mehul BHATT (DE): THE SHAPE OF THE MOVING IMAGE: Perspectives from
Spatial Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

11:15 Session: Artistic and curatorial narratives of memory, Chair:
Frieder NAKE

Darko FRITZ (HR): Interdisciplinary Multimedia at the 3rd International
Artists Meetings in Vela Luka 1972
José R. ALCALÁ (ES)/Beatriz ESCRIBANO BELMAR (ES): Interactive
multimedia creations at the International Museum of Electrographic
Artworks in Cuenca (Spain), 1994-2006. Pioneer productions for the
construction of hypermedia narratives
Miklós PETERNÁK (HU): Photo/Model - The Memories of Forgetting
Leonardo IMPETT (CH): Robot Aesthetics and Cultural Imperialism: the
Double Hermeneutic of Computational Photography

11:15 Session: Media Archeological studies, Chair: Andres BURBANO

Roberta BUIANI (CA): Re-appropriating the messiness of things: a
more-than-human approach to curating in art and science
Victor FLORES (PT): Carlos Relvas (1838-1894): The Intriguing Research
of his Stereo Archive
Beatriz ESCRIBANO BELMAR (ES)/José R. ALCALÁ (ES): The artistic
contribution of the electrographic practices in the archeology of
electronic art
Adam LAUDER (CA): Science/Fiction: Canadian Information Art in the

12:45 Lunch Break, optionally a guided tour through the Abbey 

14:15 Session: Internet infrastructure under scrutiny, Chair: Ksenia

David GAUTHIER (NL)/Marc TUTERS (NL): Mailing lists are dead, long live
mailing lists! – periodising discourses, debates, and infrastructures
of nettime, empire, spectre, and crumb
Natalia FEDOROVA (RU): Internet of Names. Poetics of Infrastructure
Martín NADAL (ES)/César ESCUDERO ANDALUZ (ES): Critical mining,
Blockchain and Bitcoin in contemporary art
Andre MINTZ (BR): After Internet? F.A.T. Lab's farewell and
reconsiderations of the post-internet trope in art

14:15 Session: Histories of media technology, Chair: José R. ALCALÁ 

Katja KWASTEK (NL): 'fictitious future pasts'? on artists reflecting on
the digitality of the present by imagining the remnants of today's
technology in future times
Grant BOLLMER (US): Gaming Formalisms and the Aesthetics of Empathy
Ozgun Eylul ISCEN (US): Alternative Histories of New Media:
Telecommunication Technologies and Media Arts in the Middle East
Randall PACKER (SG): Social Broadcasting: An Unfinished Communication

14:15 Session: Retracing media art and its precursors in Latin America,
Chair: Andreas BROECKMANN

José-Carlos MARÍATEGUI (PE)/ Elisa ARCA (PE): Teresa Burga: a pioneer
multimedia and information artist
Reynaldo THOMPSON (MX): Digital art in Latin America
Erandy VERGARA-VARGAS (CA): Re-Tracing Methods: Rethinking Media Art
Histories and Relations between the North and the Global South
Carmen Gil VROLIJK (CO): A genealogy of art and technology in Colombia:

16:15 Session DH: Preservation strategies I: Performing and rethinking
materiality, Chair: Devon SCHILLER

Jo Ana MORFIN (MX): Restored Behavior: Performing Materiality
Laura LEUZZI (UK): Re-enacting early video art as a research tool for
media art histories
Margrét Elísabet OLAFSDÓTTIR (IS): The Vasulka Chamber and Media Art in
Denisa KERA (US)/Cynthia Selin (US): Parlor of Futures: Tarot cards,
Futures Techniques and Octave Obdurant's 'Cosmographic Comparator'

16:15 Session: Curation and art production in crowdsourced and
networked situations, Chair: Ryszard KLUSZCZYŃSKI

Zizi LI (US): theorizing Instagram: Ontology, Epistemology, and
Mark NUNES (US): The Crowdsourced Archive: Mobile Media, Photography,
and the Local(ized) Frame
Kanokwan TRAKULYINGCHAROEN (AT): Mediascapes in 'Cities on the Move in
Bangkok' (1999)

16:15 Session: net.art revisited, Chair: Janina HOTH

Raivo KELOMEES (EE): From Net Art to Post-Internet Art: The Cyclical
Nature of Art Movements
Rasa SMITE (LV) /Raitis SMITS (LV): Fields – Manifesting the
Transformative Potential of Arts in the Age of Post-Media
Filipe PAIS (FR): From bits to paper: A short history of the aesthetics
of rematerialization
Jon CATES (US): whois LaTurbo Avedon, Netochka Nezvanova and/or Rrose

18:00 Transfer to Krems 

MAH RE:TRACE: Day 3, 25.11.2017 (ÖAW)

07:50 - 09:30 Transfer from Danube University to the Academy of
Sciences Vienna (ÖAW) 

09:45 Welcome ÖAW by Eveline Wandl-Vogt and Oliver Grau

10:00 “DARIAH” Keynote Sarah KENDERDINE (EPFL, CH): Postdigital

11:30 Dariah Connectivity Part I: Collection - Archiving –
Preservation, Chair: Eveline WANDL-VOGT

Francesca FRANCO (IT):  Past Present Future of curatorial practices and
media art history
Andreas BROECKMANN (DE): Re-Visiting Les Immatériaux
Giselle BEIGUELMAN (BR): Museums of the Unfinished to Ephemeral
Memories: notes on net art conservation
Janina HOTH (AT): Theorizing methods of documentation in the Archive of
Digital Art
Annet DEKKER (NL): Between light and dark archiving

11:30 Session: Aesthetics I - Theories of the post-digital image,

Ingrid HOELZL (HK): Postimage: On the Future Evolution of the image and
its Theory
Ana NACHER (PL): The post-digital imagery as relational object
Yael Eylat VAN-ESSEN (IL): From the Digital to the Post-Digital – the
Photographic Image
Susanne Østby SÆTHER (NO): Pink Skies and Green Screens: Readymade
Colors and Chroma Keyed Moods in Video Art Since 2010

11:30 Session: Cultural roots of media art practices, Chair: Carl

Ana PERAICA (HR): Post-digital paradigm shift: from Narcissus to
Bahar AKGÜN (TK)/Mine ÖZKAR (TR): Gaze and Geometry: comparing two
languages of vision from Medieval Eastern and Modern Western visual
Alberto SEMELER (BR): Cybercontemporary art: mutations and digital
Manuelle FREIRE (CA): Training in the complex adaptive systems of media
art: A critique of the mythologies of art and interdisciplinary learning
in higher education

13:00 Lunch Break & POSTER SESSION of Digital Humanities projects in
the hall 

14:30 Dariah Connectivity Part II: Preservation strategies II: Dynamic
archiving, Chair: Frieder NAKE

George LEGRADY (US): Projects in Visualizing Data 1992-2017
Harald KRÄMER (HK): Archiving Ephemeral Knowledge - Hong Kong Martial
Arts as a Documentation Strategy for Intangible Cultural Heritage
Ann-Marie DUGUET (FR): The anarchive series as a challenge between art
and information. Another approach of media art history today

14:30 Session: Aesthetics II - New media art theory mashup, Chair: Inge

Jacob WAMBERG (DK): Return of operativity: Prolegomena to a grand
narrative of media in deep time
Valentino CATRICALÀ (IT): The social impact of Media Art
Pau ALSINA (ES): Ethico-onto-epistemologies of Media Art: A case study
of the 'Protocol for Interdisciplinary Research' project

14:30 Session: Recent tendencies in computer-aided preserving and
presenting, Chair: Jon CATES

Richard RINEHART (US): Code-Switching
Goki MIYAKITA (JP)/Keiko OKAWA (JP): Design of Narrative Book
Collection: Redesigning Pre-Modern Japanese Books in the Digital Age
Maria Teresa CRUZ (PT): Curating in the Age of Artistic Ubiquity and of
Visualizing Techniques 

16:30 Dariah Connectivity Roundtable: Six decades of Digital Arts &
museums - a new infrastructure 
Discussants for Roundtable tba

16:30 Session: Reframing social artistic initiatives since the 1960s,
Chair: Valentino CATRICALA

Stephen JONES (AU): Community Activist Video and the origins of Video
Kirk WOOLFORD (UK): CyberSM, cybersex and 25 years of VR
Catherine BERNARD (US): Electronic Disturbance Theater, Floating Point
Unit, Fakeshop

16:30 Session: Ecology, Politics, Aesthetics II, Chair: Pau ALSINA

Clara Boj TOVAR/Diego DIAZ (ES): Hybrid ecologies on the anthropocene:
Mar Menor Research
Birgit BACHLER (NZ): Live streams. Introducing the narratives of local
waters to Aotearoa/New Zealand media art
Sara GARZON (US): Amaru Cholango in How to Poeticize Technology
Nathalia LAVIGNE (BR): Art on Instagram: Imaginary museums,
counter-collections and moving images

18:00 Closing Remarks & Announcement of the next host (2019)

18:30 PUBLIC KEYNOTE Martin KEMP (Oxford University, UK): Computerising
Leonardo: a visual dialogue from 1988 to now

19:30 Conference Finissage with reception

*** Poster Session of Media Art & Digital Humanities projects and
research tools (Nov 23 & 25)***

1. Steyn BERGS (NL): Streaming Liquidity Inc.: Singularization and
Commodification of the Digital Artwork
2. Franziska BUTZE-RIOS (AT): An Example of Conscientious Handling of
Time-Based Media Artwork
3. Stephanie DeBOER (US): On Adjacent Infrastructural Tactics for Urban
Screens (Shanghai version)        
4. Penesta DIKA (XK): Reflections of contemporary society in media art:
The visitor as a leading actor in artworks 
5. Valerie FELIX (CH):  The Trace in Digital Interactive work. A
rethinking between identification and “technique of the self”       
6. Manuelle FREIRE (CA): La Biennale internationale de l'art numérique
de Montréal (BIAN) - AUTOMATA        
7. Oliver GRAU, Devon SCHILLER, Janina HOTH (Lab for Digital
Humanities, AT): The Media Art History Research Thesaurus
8. Bilge HASDEMIR (TR): Digging the (new) media art scene of İstanbul:
Towards Media Art Historical Re-discovery
9. David KADISH (DK): On Scale and Fields: Artistic Practice and
Agricultural Machines         
10. Romi MIKULINSKY (IL): Stargazing and the "Data Sublime"         
11. Maria MIRE (PT): Technical phantasmagorias: the phantom-effect of
moving images
12. Anna ORRGHEN (SE): The Ephemerality of Digital Monuments: Swedish
Public Art at the Turn of the Millennium, the case of
13. Chiara PASSA (IT): From the series Live Architectures:
14. Treva PULLEN (CA): BioCare: Feminist Labs and the Aesthetics of
15. Julian STADON (UK)/Boris DEBACKERE (NL): Yima: A Proposition for
Archiving Cultural Heritage Through Objects Rather Than Human
16. Iván TERCEROS (EC): Coding from the Latin American ancestral
indigenous knowledge
17. Tomohiro UESHIBA (JP): A plan for reproduction of stage equipments
of Dumb type’s performance “pH” 
18. Joel ZIKA (AU): Horror and the history of immersive media art
19. Hanna BRINKMANN (AT): In search for the Cultural Eye
20. Diego MELLADO (ES): System Analysis for New Media Artworks


**MAH Honorary Board:**
Rudolf ARNHEIM†, Douglas DAVIS†, Jasia REICHARDT, Itsuo SAKANE, Peter

** Re:Trace AUSTRIA BOARD:**
Carl AIGNER (Landesmuseum St. Pölten, AT); Jose Ramon ALCALA
(University of Castilla La Mancha, ES); Giselle BEIGUELMAN (University
of São Paulo, BR); Beatriz ESCRIBANO BELMAR (University of Castilla La
Mancha, ES); Andreas BROECKMANN (Leuphana University Lüneburg, DE);
Andres BURBANO (Universidad de los Andes, CO); Valentino CATRICALA
(University Roma Tre / Media Art Festival, IT);  Sebastian EGENHOFER
(University of Vienna, AT); Ksenia FEDOROVA (RU/UC Davis, US); Sabine
FLACH (University of Graz, AT); Katharina GSÖLLPOINTNER (University of
Applied Arts, Vienna, AT); Erkki HUHTAMO (University of California Los
Angeles, US); Ryszard KLUSZCZYŃSKI (University of Lodz, PL); Katja
KWASTEK (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL); Daniel Cardoso LLACH
(Carnegie Mellon University, US); Sjoukje van der MEULEN (Utrecht
University, NL); Gunalan NADARAJAN (University of Michigan, US); Gerald
NESTLER (Vienna, A); Ana PERAICA (Split, HR); Christopher SALTER
(Concordia University, CA); Yukiko SHIKATA (Tokio, JP; Christa SOMMERER
(University of Art and Design, Linz, AT); Morten SØNDERGAARD (Aalborg
University, DK); Axel STOCKBURGER (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, AT);
Gerfried STOCKER (Ars Electronica, Linz, AT); Eveline WANDL-VOGT (ÖAW,
Vienna, AT).

**MAH Conference Series Board: * *
Andreas BROECKMANN (Leuphana Universität), Sean CUBITT (Goldsmiths,
UK), Oliver GRAU (Danube University, AT), Linda HENDERSON (University of
Texas, US), Erkki HUHTAMO (University of California, US), Douglas KAHN
(University of New South Wales, AU), Machiko KUSAHARA (Waseda
University, JP), Tim LENOIR (Davis University, US), Gunalan NADARAJAN
(Ann Arbor School of Art&Design, US), Paul THOMAS (University of New
South Wales, AU)

 * *VENUES: * *
Danube University / Located 70km from Vienna in the UNESCO World
Heritage Wachau region, Danube University is the only public university
in Europe specializing in advanced continuing education by offering
low-residency degree programs for working professionals and life-long
learners. Located at both a modern university campus and in the Göttweig
Monastery, the Dept. for Image Science is an internationally unique
institution for research and innovative teaching with an international
faculty, at this point 120 scholars from various nations and
disciplines. The innovative approach of the Department for Image Science
with the close connection to practice has developed the Archive of
Digital Art and in 2006 founded the low-residency
MediaArtHistories-Advanced, MA answering the need for international,
post-graduate studies. www.donau-uni.ac.at/dis 
Vienna / The vibrant capital of the Republic of Austria in Central
Europe meeting international travel standards with safe and exciting
surroundings that embrace culture both old and new. Planning for Vienna
is being organized with partner institutions and colleagues. Fast and
frequent public transportation between Vienna and Krems allows for a
blending of two locations into one venue, distributing separate days in
each venue.


MAHarchive.admin at donau-uni.ac.at 

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