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Wed Aug 29 11:32:16 CEST 2018

*The following free webinar might be of interest to a wide range of writers
and researcher exploring branding and ethics in their careers. Please share

We are pleased to announce the second part of Centre for Media and
Celebrity Studies (CMCS) free webinar on persona branding and
sustainability on *Saturday, September 1!*

We have limited space, so please register now.

*Webinar Registration*:

Receive the webinar link in your e-mail confirmation and save the following
dates and speakers' information:

*Saturday, September 1 (**9 am PDT** / **12 pm EST** / **5 pm GMT**) - 30

*- *Featuring CMCS Lisbon 2018 best video award winner *Victoria Kannen* and
2017 LA media panelist *Kevin del Principe*

*Watch & learn more about our key speakers in advance:*

*Victoria Kannen**:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQLl_t1qeTI

*Kevin del Principe*: https://vimeo.com/279522845

*Learning Outcomes*:

   - Learn how to develop your persona brand (social media, mainstream
   media, and public speaking)
   - Integrate ethical issues in sustainability regardless of your field of
   research and practice
   - Strengthen research outcomes, community relations, and media outreach
   with the help of ethics
   - Receive practical examples and connect with professionals in the
   higher education and media industries

*Further references for the webinar preparation and Q & A:*

"Bridging Gaps: Where is Ethical Glamour in Celebrity Culture?"
Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism, and Politics

For more information, visit http://cmc-centre.com/2018webinar/
See you on September 1!
Samita Nandy @famecritic <http://www.twitter.com/famecritic>
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