[spectre] ladybug festival / technopaganism performances / call extended

lucille c c.lucille at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 21:55:58 CET 2018


As an invited curator, and in order to go beyond too close networks, I am
looking for European women artists dealing with technopaganism through
performances in the context of the 2nd edition of the digital festival
*Ladybug* directed by Julien Ribeiro, which will take place in Lyon (fr) in
November 2018

South- or East-European women artists working with contemporary
technologies & paganism, ecofeminism, witchcraft, esoterism,,,

Forms: a priori already created performances / performance art, poetry,
dance, theater, mixed proposals / no musical gigs

Please send to c.lucille(at)gmail.com:
-a video link,
-a short work presentation & bio,
-your technical rider and financial conditions
/ in english or french

Deadline: 15th of February

lucille calmel

thank you in advance & feel free to share!)
& a beautiful new year to you all
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