[spectre] --Just Out--Second MoneyLab Reader, Overcoming the Hype

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 28 11:23:23 CET 2018

The Institute of Network Cultures proudly presents the Second MoneyLab Reader, Overcoming the Hype.

MoneyLab is a network of artists, activists, and geeks experimenting with forms of financial democratization. Entering the 10th year of the global financial crisis, it still remains a difficult yet crucial task to distinguish old wine from its fancy new bottles. Founded in 2013, the MoneyLab network questions persistent beliefs, from Calvinist austerity, growth, and up-scaling, to trustless, automated decision making and (anarcho-)capitalist dreams of cybercurrencies and blockchained solutionism.

We consider experiments with digital coops, internet-based payment and network-based revenue models as spaces of political imagination, with an equally important aesthetic program. In this second MoneyLab Reader the network delves into topics like the financialization of art; love as a binary proposition on the blockchain; the crowdfunding of livelihood; the cashless society; financial surveillance of the poor; universal basic income as the real McCoy or a real sham; the cooperative answer to Airbnb and Uber; the history of your financial dashboard; and, Hollywood’s narration of the financial crisis. Fintech rushes through our veins, causing a whirlwind of critical concepts, ideas and imaginaries. Welcome to the eye of the storm.

Contributors: Jaya Klara Brekke, Tripta Chandola, Max Dovey, Economic Space Agency, General Intellect, Max Haiven, Robert Herian, David Hollanders, Dmytri Kleiner, Silvio Lorusso, Laura Lotti, Nathalie Maréchal, Rachel O’Dwyer, Nina Power, Patricia Reed, Patrice Riemens, Emily Rosamond, Trebor Scholz, Brett Scott, Nathaniel Tkacz, Pablo R. Velasco, Martin Zeilinger.

Editors: Inte Gloerich, Geert Lovink and Patricia de Vries, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2018.

Download the pdf or epub here:
http://networkcultures.org/blog/publication/moneylab-reader-2-overcoming-the-hype/ <http://networkcultures.org/blog/publication/moneylab-reader-2-overcoming-the-hype/>

MoneyLab blog: http://networkcultures.org/moneylab/ <http://networkcultures.org/moneylab/>. 

Order your free paper copy here:
http://networkcultures.org/moneylab/order-moneylab-reader-2/ <http://networkcultures.org/moneylab/order-moneylab-reader-2/>

Let me know if you want to recieve a box (16 copies), please include postal address.

Subscribe to the MoneyLab email list: http://listcultures.org/mailman/listinfo/moneylab_listcultures.org <http://listcultures.org/mailman/listinfo/moneylab_listcultures.org>.

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