[spectre] Demand full laziness | A five-year plan for the dull automation of the art production

Guido Segni guido.segni at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 16:57:06 CEST 2018

In times of obsession for work, fear of the robots and strong technological
acceleration a new hype is haunting collective imagination: the hype of
dull automation and full laziness.

Demand full laziness is my personal five-year plan and durational
performance about art, labour, self sustenance and laziness. For the next
five years (2018 - 2023) I’m going to delegate and automate a meaningful
part of the making of my artistic production by the use of automated
processes and deep-learning-based algorithms in order to gain creative
production, to overcome labour in art and to increasingly get abandoned to

Support the algorithm | Support laziness

Did you ever give your economic contribute to an algorithm in order to
support the artist’s right to be productively lazy and get real artworks as
reward? If not it’s your chance to do it now.

Till the end of the plan in 2023 you have the opportunity, depending on
your economical effort, to receive digital editions and/or physical
fully-fabricated artworks made by me and by the machine learning from my
resting time (see the FUQ section below for details). Both the physical and
the digital artworks will be authenticated and delivered every three months.

The machine is learning, the artist is resting

During the first year of the plan I’ve been training the machine on deep
learning and on how to rest and make unique portraits of me while laying in
bed reading, sleeping or simply enjoying spare time. But other chains of
automated process - Neural network algorithms, laser engravers, - will be
implemented during the next 5 years.

Links and info

Demand Full Laziness has been publicly presented for the first time on
April 2018 in Brussels for "#LAYERS. Contemporary Art in the Digital Era",
an exhibition curated by Fabio Paris supported by Link Art Center,
presented by iMAL at La Raffinerie.

> http://demand-full-laziness.today
> http://demand-dull-automation.work
> https://www.patreon.com/guidosegni

Guido Segni
Imaginary artist


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